DIY Double Fishtail Twist | Braided Hairstyles

My little Bailey is becoming quite an expert little braider! She has been wearing this one around as one of her go-to hairstyles lately, and telling me about her friends’ reactions.

So, I asked her if she would be willing to share it with you, too, and she agreed!Double Fishtail Twist | Braid Hairstyles{First off, can I just say that my girls are growing up way too fast! Just look at them, and then compare them to the little girls in some of our earlier tutorials!}

If you know how to create a fishtail braid, then this hairstyle will be easy for you. If you do not know how, you can learn here from one of our first tutorials.Double Fishtail Twist | Braid Hairstyles

Double Fishtail Twist | Braid Hairstyles

Double Fishtail Twist | Braid Hairstyles Basically you create two fishtail braids, and then twist them flatly around each other into a cute side twist.Double Fishtail Twist | Braid Hairstyles

Double Fishtail Twist | Braid Hairstyles

Double Fishtail Twist | Braid Hairstyles

Double Fishtail Twist | Braid Hairstyles Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 2 small hair elastics, 1-2 bobby pins and hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 8-10 minutes

Skill Level: Medium {for time}

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by sweeping all the hair over to one side of the head…
  2. Separate the hair into two smaller sections, and secure one out of the way for now…
  3. Using the free section, begin creating a regular fishtail braid… to create a fishtail braid, you begin by separating the hair into two strands.
  4. Now take a very small piece of hair from the outside edge of the right strand, and pull it over the top and place it on the inside edge of the second strand…
  5. Now take a small piece from outside edge the left strand, cross it over the top and add it to the inside of that right strand…
  6. Repeat Steps #4-5 over and over until you have formed a fishtail braid…
  7. Once you reach the end of the braid, secure it with a hair elastic.
  8. Now repeat this process with the hair section you had previously secured out of the way…
  9. You should now have two finished fishtails at this point.
  10. Take the two fishtails and wrap them around each other, flatly, to create the fishtail twist…
  11. Remove both elastics at the ends of the fishtails, and re-secure both fishtails together using only one elastic…
  12. Loosen any necessary strands to frame the face and soften the look.
  13. Add bobby pins for added security, or hairspray {if desired}.

Please feel free to leave me a comment below letting us know what you think of Bailey’s DIY Double Fishtail Twist!  As always, if you loved this hairstyle, please feel free to share it!

Happy Hairdoing!

Two weeks ago Bailey had her braces taken off and she wanted to upload a video of it to YouTube. She wanted to show other kids her age that they have nothing to worry about, plus show you all her smile reveal…

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  1. Hi! I first wanted to say that I watched the video on Bailey getting her braces of, and I think her smile looks so great. I had braces when I was in 3rd grade, so now I wear retainers to bed every night. I am getting more braces in 3-6 months. Also, I love this hairstyle, but I cannot find the video on how to fishtail braid. Where should I look? Thanks.

  2. Oh my gosh amazing hairstyles! I do all of these hairstyles you post and all of my friends at school always always complement them!

  3. Hi Mindy, I just turned 12 and I can’t do my own hair, I just get to confused on what peice goes where. Could you give me any tips on this? Thanks so much for making these hair tutorials I am learning so much and they are very easy to follow. I hope you have time to read this and answer. Thanks again!!

  4. i love this hairstyle so much. I love fishtail braids anyway but this is so pretty when i first saw it i literally died. It looks so nice on Bailey. I love this!!!!

  5. I love this hairstyle! I really enjoyed the fishtail since my aunt showed me how when I was nine. I have been doing my own hair since I was seven (I am now fifteen) and always love having something new to do. It doesn’t work too well because my hair is still short from when I donated 12 inches last year, but if I braid it firmly it stays pretty well.

    Keep up the cool hairstyles!

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