Double Lace into Side Braid | Rihanna Hairstyles

I am really enjoying the use of Lace Braids in my daughters’ hair lately, and they have worn this braided style for about six months or so.

Double Lace Braid into Side Braid | Rihanna Hairstyles

We first saw this hairstyle on Rihanna from a red carpet shoot last year. My girls always receive so many compliments anytime we wear it, but it is tough to explain to moms on the spot… which is why we created this tutorial!

The hairstyle uses two Lace Braids on either side coming down over the ears {literally} and combining in the back.

Side view of the Double Lace Braid into Side Braid | Rihanna Hairstyles

{If you do not understand how to follow the Lace Braid technique, please see our detailed Same-Side Lace Braid.}

From there, you take all remaining hair and braid it into a large side braid.

Back view of Double Lace Braid into Side Braid | Rihanna Hairstyles

You can accessorize the braid if you wish, but we actually think it is beautiful simply left as is!

Portrait of a young girl modeling the Double Lace Braid into Side Braid | Rihanna Hairstyles

This hairstyle is perfect for women and girls of all ages… and would be particularly beautiful for Prom, Homecoming, or any other formal occasion.


Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1 clear hair elastic, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 8-10 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. I enjoy going through your gallery and get reminded of all the amazing hairstyles you have done. Thank you

    1. Sometimes you could look up how to French braid on wiki how then you will how to do some of them. It’s very easy that’s how I figured some of these out.

  2. Love this style i have a 9 year old that hate the styles i do in her hair and i can find it hard to get things to stay in her hair but we seen this and i asked her if she would like it in her hair and we sat and done it it was quick easy and looks so nice thanks for the idea

  3. Hello Mindy,

    Just wanted to let you know I’ll be using the picture of your daughter featured here for a Hunger Games Charity Role Play I’m taking part in. I’m playing a young girl from District 10 that keeps her hair in a braid and her picture is perfect for this role. Do not worry, no one will know her name or anything about her, She is going to be the face OF Aurora Kappel, my character, that is all. If you wish to check out the role play the website is

  4. Hi Mindy!!! I <3 CGH. This hairstyle is so cute, but it's kinda hard to do on yourself. Could u PLZ post some hairstyles that u can do on yourself?? Thx

  5. THis hairstyle is so CUTE! My little sister has short, curly hair and it works fine.
    I made a small change because my sisters HATE over the shoulder braids and I brought it to the back instead of over the shoulder.

    I really appreciate all the work you put into this wonderful website.

    Thank you SOOOOO MUCH Mindy!

  6. I love this hairstyle! But when I do lace braids on myself, they tend to flip over. Is there any way to help them stay this way? Am I maybe doing them too tight? Thanks so much, I love all your tutorials!

  7. i think you need more hairstyles for curly haired people because doing a french braid on straight hair is easy on curly hair it seems impossible

  8. man!!! can you ever do a tutorial no one will like 😛 you r soo talented.but PLEASE do one for shorter hair like yours.i have alot of flyaways so lace braids or french dont look good on me

  9. Hi Mindy! I LOVE this hairstyle! I tried to do it on my self but I have layers, so it does not work for me. = ( I Loved Christinas photo, could you do a tutorial on that, please?

  10. Love it! I would love to see how you do YOUR hair more. I love little girls hair styles but I seem to struggle with my hair more than my daughters…help?

  11. I love your hairstyles there so talented and I like it cause now tons of people ask me to do there hair… I have been doing a lot of peoples hair for formal and especial ocassions thanks mindy…… 🙂

  12. I think I might have just seen a clip of your twins (a few years younger) on a promo for a show on ID (Investigation Discovery) called “Evil Twins”. No, they weren’t saying your twins are evil! It showed clips of various twins while a voiceover said things like, “Twins have a special bond…” etc. before it goes into the sordid part of the promo. There is a set of twins toward the beginning of the promo that look like your girls, with one whispering into the other’s ear. I heard your twins have done some modeling and stock photos/video, and wondered if it is them.

  13. I love this style! I tried it on my daughter today and the braid ended up looking slightly different. Did you do a dutch braid or a regular french braid? I tried to look closely at the video and I couldn’t tell. Thanks!

  14. hi, just wondering if there is anyway you are able to put the written instructions on for this as i am unable to see the video! thanks

  15. Hi Mindy and girls ( and guys!) I love this style and I was wondering about an earlier post: Did you and your husband make it onto amazing race?? Please let us know as there are a lot of people with the same question. Thanks!

  16. I love it!I’m not sure if I can do it,though.I can’t french/dutch/lace braid on the back of my head.Any tips on doing it??

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