Dutch Flower Braid | Updo Hairstyles

It was so funny that just a little over a week ago we started receiving lots of Facebook photo posts of a hairstyle that we have had pinned on our “Try” Pinterest Board for awhile, by fans who wanted us to film a tutorial.

Then fans started emailing and tweeting the photo as well! Overall, we received likely received over 100 requests for this in under a week!

Dutch Braided Flower | Updo Hairstyles

Since my daughters are totally loving pancake braids right now {braids that are flattened by tugging out the elbows of the braids}, it was easy to convince them to film a tutorial. Fans, this one is for you!

The base for this hairstyle, as seen in the original photo floating around, uses our Pancaked Dutch Braid technique. However, I did not pancake the Dutch portion of this braid because my #3 daughter has a little shorter hair and I needed as much length as we could get for the half-pancaked flower braid.

Back view of the Dutch Braided Flower | Updo Hairstyles

Portrait view of a young girl modeling the Dutch Braided Flower | Updo Hairstyles

As my daughter wore this hairstyle around, people were stopping her all day to comment on how cute it looked! I am sure you will have the same response!

Feel free to use the braided flower bun by itself, or in any number of hairstyle combinations! This hairstyle is also perfect for weddings, formal occasions, flower girls, prom & homecoming updo’s, etc!


Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1 hair elastic, hairspray {if desired}, 1 small flower accessory for center of flower bun.

Time Requirement: 7-10 minutes

Skill Level: Hard

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. This is my favorite hairstyle of all time! Tried it on my sister and it looks super pretty!
    PS I love your family, and it reminds me so much of mine (we’re a family of six kids, too!)

  2. super pretty style! also, I have one question that doesn’t pertain to hair. I understand if you don’t wanna answer this, but aside from Brooklyn and Bailey, what are your other children’s names? just wondering! they are all so cute 🙂

  3. Hey Mindy! Thank you so much for this one! I love it so much. And guess what! It looks great on my super-curly hair, too! I’m trying to teach my mom to do this so that I can wear it all the time! I love how it looks on my hair. You can’t really see that it’s supposed to be a flower but it’s a really good style for my hair. The braid is so textured and thick, so it’s really elegant. But I was wondering… could you do some styles especially for curls? Most of the ones you post I can do, but they don’t always look as good on curls as they do on straight hair.

  4. I’m 13 years old and unfortunately the hair wiz of the family! My mum and sister aren’t very good at braids so I’m always the one stuck with boring hair! I love your website because it has really gorgeous hairstyles that I can do on myself! My sisters primary school graduation is coming up soon and I love the hairstyle because it is so elegant and not too over the top! Love your blog!

  5. I absolutely love this hairstyle!!!! (for me the only problem is directing the braid)Ever since I started doing hairstyles from your blog on my friends, they’ve called me the hair whiz!;)

  6. Such an elegant updo! Braided Flower has several variations and it is one of the best preferences for wedding and a fashionable trend for various celebrations. Flowery accessories always double the beauty of the style.

  7. love the hairstyle. but sadly couldn’t watch it on school computer would be nice to have a written way to do the hairstyle.
    i want to do this for a special thingy thing that i have coming up. so i really love it, it is beautiful. but i was just saying a way to make the website better.

  8. mindy, I am 20 years old and I love your hair ideas. I don’t have a kid or anything, bu i have found that i can use tons of these hair ideas on myself! i have enjoyed braiding for a long time, and all the new braids you post give me tons of inspiration!

  9. It’s sutch a pretty hairstyle, it’s beautiful. I did it the other day on myself, in a car. Talk about difficult. But it actually looked better than the times I had tried it before. 🙂

  10. i tried it on my sister’s hair… but it was difficult to turn the french braids!! i tried to turn them but it couldn’t happen soo well!! 🙁

  11. This is funny because I had found this picture quite a long time ago and thought it was awesome, I told my little sister that I was going to figure out how to do it, she didnt believe me 😛 There is a hairstyle that I do to one of my sisters and have recently modified it, I wanted to upload the picture to you, but I do not know how…:(

  12. Hey Mindy!love your videos!this is one of my special favorites too!!!!!!!!!Soy de Uruguay(SouthAmerica)y siempre estoy atenta a tus nuevos tutoriales!Gracias por compartir con nosotras tus enseñanzas,la verdad trato de hacerle todo a mi niña!Muchisimos éxitos,la pagina es muy buena!saludos(hughs and kisses)from Uruguay! 😀

  13. hey i love the way you do those girls hair and i want to learn how to dutch flower braid i think it would look pretty on me lololol and i want to learn how to…….!!!!!!!!!

  14. Love this style! Simple to do on myself, and I get tons of compliments because it looks complicated 😉
    I’m in college and I love your website (along with girly dos and princess hairstyles).

  15. I wish my hair was long enough for this. Mine is a bit past my shoulder and when I pancake the flower it’s way too short to make a bun. Super pretty, though!

  16. Thank you for this! I have seen it on your website before but thought it was too complicated for me. Decided to watch the tutorial and do it on my daughter as I watched, it turned out amazing!!! Cannot believe I did it and on my very first try. Thank you so much for your website! You are amazing~

  17. Hi Mindy, I find that whenever I do this hairstyle, the flower never seems to stay in one place, so I just tie the braid at the end, and leave it like that, it works for a more loose look. Thank you!

  18. hi Mindy, i was wondering if you could post a video on how to do this hairstyle on yourself??
    i would realy appreciate it!! (p.s. i am only 12, so it would be amazing if i learned how to do this on myself!)

  19. hey mindy, i LOVE all of your tutorials! It’s great how all of the hairstyles i’ve seen are right here on your website with easy how to’s! Keep up the amazing work!:)

  20. Hi there 🙂

    I think I fell in love with your website :). After watching your videos I started to braid my sister’s and friend’s hair 🙂 I just wanted to ask if you could show the dutch braid cos it’s kinda confusing how it differs from the french braid . I’ll be very thankful 🙂
    Foroogh from Iran

  21. Whydo u always do ur hairstyles on minnie twinie (i dont know her name) but shes super cute make sure u tell her oner of your fans said r supercute

  22. Thx so much for having this tutorial. I did it on my youngest sister and it is going to be a signature hairstyle for her. Thx Mindy

  23. Hey!
    I was wondering if you could do some hairstyles for birthdays, because my birthday is on the 19th and i am turning 12? If you could do that that would be awsome. Thanks. love you.

  24. i watch ur videos every single day!!!!!!!!!! U are one of my idols. I am 11. i love hair soooooo much. I do your hairstyles every day. I am do this 1 tomorrow for camp. Thank you!

  25. Defenitly trying this today!! I am going to Hollywood so it would look great. Every time I do tone of your hairstyles at school I get tons of compliments… Thanks a lot..

  26. just did this to my hair in about 15 minutes and my hair wasnt quite long enough but even so it looks amazing and my mum loves it heaps. it wasnt too hard to do to my self but it took longer than it would of if i had have done it on a friend. look awesome anyway thanks mindy 🙂 xx

  27. OMG! Mindy I want to thank you for all the tips and tutorials you give. You are an AMAZING hair stylist! I bet your daughters get LOTS of compliments at school! 🙂 Thanks again I am growing my hair out just to do these fun styles. Thanks again! 🙂

  28. This hairstyle is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!

    I also second the request for the tutorial on how you did your hair in the video!! 😀

  29. i really like this hairstyle and im 13 so i was wondering if u could do crown braids and/or curls for like prom or weddings…….

  30. Thanks I’ve seen this pic millions of times and loved it but didnt know what it was called or how to do it I love it a bunch thanks soooooooooooooooo much ❤ ya

  31. Ok I did this hairstyle to my younger sister the other day and it turned out really cute!! And so when she took her hair out it was beautiful!!!! She had the most prettiest curls ever!! Now she makes me do it in her hair every night so she can wake up with curls haha thanks so much! Make more videos!! You should make ones that look cute with bangs because I just got bangs and I need some cute hairstyles to go with them!

  32. Wow all these are just amazing! How do you even like do it?! That hairstyle is just so awesome that if I had longer hair I would totally try it. Maybe I will grow out my hair just for this!It is totally a flower, for real. I just, I don’t really get how to do it but it just looks so cool! So legit! Thanks a mil for sharing chikita!

  33. thank u soooo much i also wanted to say i just love how i can do a lot of these hairstyles on myself whcih is really just the cherry on top and also the other thing i really like is that in the begining you say and introduce the hairstyle because i noticed when you first started filming you didnt do that and im just glad that u do now and also you are very photogenic and i love that you ingage with the people watching like they are in the room with you so thats very warm and friendly and welcoming so by thank you

  34. hey mindy i just love your hairstyles and toutorial i litterly spend most of my spare time just going throygh your website and thinking if i can do it on myself or not and sometimes i can sometimes i cant and i went to work with my mom yesturday and i did this hairstyle on myself and got a lot of comments.

  35. I love this hairdo- you made it look way to easy though. I definitely need more practice, ha! I also would love to know where you got that coil hair accessory!! I want some of those! Thank you for all of the tutorials 🙂

  36. I found the original picture and tried it on my little sister without the tutorial and did it with a dutch lace braid! I tought it looked better because we couldn’t see the hair demarcation! But your ending was WAY better than mine! Keep doing your awsome tutorial!

  37. Hi Mindy! Love this tut, it’s a cute ‘do but easy to follow. Where did you get your accessory though? First time I’ve seen that coiled spring design, lol!

  38. I love this hairstyle!! Ever since I found your blog I haven’t worn a ponytail since. Thank you!!
    P.S. could you possibly do hairstyles from the new Snow white and the Huntsman movie? I really like the queens hair.

  39. Wow I did this for school yesterday and I got loads of comments. Thanks to your website, i haven’t worn the same hairstyle to school since Easter.:)Btw- how did you do your hair in the video it’s gorgeous

  40. If I wanted to pancake the Dutch part on really long hair would I need to do that as I go or after I completed the entire Dutch braid? Love this! Thanks!

  41. I absolutely love it I tried it on my friend and it turned out ok
    P.S. I would have posted s photo but I didn’t hav a camera

  42. Mindy I would love to know how you did your hair in this video. It looks so awesome. Please share more tutorials on how you do your hair.

    Plus, I use a lot of your tutorials on my youngest dd and people always watch when I send her to school to see what her hair will look like. Thanks for your awesomeness with hair.

  43. This is one of the styles I requested and I absolutely love it. I figured out how to do it to myself. Thank you.

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