Easter Hairstyles: Bunny-Ear Pigtails

* Note from Mindy: Don’t forget to check our Easter Hairstyles post for some cute styles for this weekend!

We received a request for “Bunny Ears” on Facebook after we posted the Egg Tails Hairstyle the other day.  I laughed it off for a second, but this morning decided to give it an honest try!  I have seen people do this hair style with braids, so I decided to more for a pixie-like bunny look (smaller ears)…

Items Needed: 4 ponytail rubber bands, two small rubber bands, 4 “large” bobby pins, Got2be blasting freeze spray, 2 Easter colored ribbons.

Time Requirement: 5-7 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Portrait of young girl modeling Easter Hairstyles: Bunny-Ear Pigtails
Back view of the Easter Hairstyles: Bunny-Ear Pigtails

You can make the ears longer so that they flop down more, as desired, so that there is not much loose hair hanging down.  If you do this, you will certainly want to braid the hair so that the loop will hold.  Here is the video tutorial.

Happy Easter!

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  1. I have a question for the perfect pigtails. For older girls, do you recommend having the pigtails in the front, back (like in the video), or on the side above the ear? Ps. I have medium/long hair and I have no idea!

  2. This is so cute! My nickname at gymnastics is Bunny Foo Foo, I should totally do this, take a picture, and email it to my gymnastics teacher. It was her who told me about this website actually.

  3. hey! my name is kewe and im going to cosmetology school. i can do any hairstyle. i want to show the hairstyle i do but i dont know how i need help?

  4. For another easter hair-do, you should braid her hair into an egg shape like you did in the braided heart video. Then take pastel,well any color ribbon and pull it through the braid on the left then across her head through the right with different colors and lace it like you would eyelets on a shoe so it looks like a striped easter egg. Its really cute and totally unique like yours.

  5. I have four kids and three of them are girls. My middle daughter just loves the “Bunny ears” style. We don’t just do it around Easter time. It has become a quick easy style she just loves. Thanks for all your posts.

  6. Hey, Mindy I love your hairstyles and family I want you to be on my show hairstyles 101 adress: 148 west street Harstyling studios
    West Jordan, Utah

  7. Cute. Your 'contact me' thing isn't working for me, I don't know why. But I want to know if you have a good style to do for swimming. We're going on a trip to an indoor water park for several days and I'd love some different ideas that are still cute. Both my girls have hair a little longer than your one with the bob, like right at shoulder. Help?

  8. Could you show how to do criss-cross french braids? I've been wanting to know how for a while! Thanks!

  9. The easter bunny ears are so cute. Darling! I love to tie ribbons into bows and have a suggestions for you. When tying a bow to make it stay horizontal every time, try this..after the first initial cross over and under step, check to see which tail of the ribbon is hanging down…one tail of the ribbon is down and the other up. The lower tail make into the first loop, then bring the top tail around it BUT go UP and around that first loop. Then tuck it in to make the second loop. Voila! A lovely bow every time. Hope that helps.

  10. You rock! Those are so cute and so clever!!! I don't know any little girl that wouldn't want to wear bunny ears in her hair!!! 🙂

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