Triple Twistback Side Ponytail | Easy Hairstyles

So my girls have totally been into ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ (SYTYCD) lately and I noticed that for the first few weeks the girls were sporting different variations of twistback hairstyles.  Twistbacks are easy to do, so I thought I would feature one that I saw the most on the show, as it is super cute and easy to do.  Here it is…

Back side view of Triple Twistback Side Ponytail | Easy Hairstyles

This hairstyle can be used on little girls, tweens, and teens. Even moms can use this hairdo! The style is particularly fun, because you can incorporate hair twistbacks any way (and quantity) you desire. {Be mindful, that thin hair will make the twists look very skinny, so you may only opt for one twistback per side. Using Pomade on the twisted strands will help you reduce fly-aways, too.}

As always, in hairstyles like this, if your daughter cannot hold the hair twists for you… feel free to use a gator clip or something to hold them.

Side view of the Triple Twistback Side Ponytail | Easy Hairstyles

Portrait of young girl modeling Triple Twistback Side Ponytail | Easy Hairstyles

Items Needed: Spray bottle, rat-tail comb, 1 regular hairband, 1 decorative hairband, Pomade (if needed for crisp twistbacks), hairspray if desired.

Time Requirement:  5 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

If you like this style, be sure to let us know!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. Thank you SO much I love this hairstyle I’m going to do it on myself.

    P.S. Be aware I found this channel a few months ago

  2. itried many of your styles on my daughters and having good comments its all because of u mindy thank u so much!in march their is a wedding of my brother in law’s daughter and my 3 little one ones waiting for new styles for their cousion sister’s wedding, hope u will give me some idea ,they wear floor touching frocks with tights.

  3. I tried the triple twistback side ponytail this morning before my daughter went to school and it turned out SO cute! I have just found your website a couple weeks ago and have tried several so far am excited to try MANY more! Thank you for the simple to follow videos which I desperately need. Please keep all the great ideas coming!

  4. Hi Mindy,

    Your oldest twin daughters look a lot like Kayla from desperate Housewives. She plays Tom Scavo’s daughter from a different woman not Lynette. The actress’ name is Rachel Fox. Check it out! Byee x

  5. Love the twist look! Especially for my “tween” only I want to know what kind of pomade you use? Your girls look like they have the same thickness and texture as my girlie. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  6. I LOVE your videos! thanks SO much for the helpful tip about fixing your own hair. I’ve tried to fix my own hair, but had trouble. Thanks so much1 Now I’ll have to try again. I wondered if you could do a video showing how to tell where your natural part falls. I REALLY would like to know.

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