Feather Waterfall & Ladder Braid Combo | 2-in-1 Hairstyles

You are going to absolutely LOVE this hair tutorial because you’ll learn two amazing-looking hairstyles using essentially the same basic techniques!

Feather Waterfall & Ladder Braid Combo | 2-in-1 HairstylesThis hairstyle also incorporates three braids… the Lace Braid, Feather Braid, and Ladder Braid. {If you are confused by any of these techniques, we have previous tutorials of each individual braid you can check out by clicking the links above.}

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The Feather Waterfall

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, 1 hair elastic.

Time Requirement: 5 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Back view of Feather Waterfall | Cute Girls Hairstyles

**Bonus: If you have had a hard time in the past mastering the traditional Waterfall Braid, this is a great technique that looks nearly the same… but might be easier for beginners!

  1. Pick up a small section of hair near the front of the part line and divide it into three strands…
  2. Begin a regular braid by creating one stitch…
  3. Now, add in some hair ONLY to the top strand. {A Lace braid is when you only add hair to one side of the braid, unlike a traditional French/Dutch braid where you would add hair to both sides.}
  4. Once you’ve added in hair to the top strand, cross that piece over the middle strand…
  5. Then,  pull a tiny section of hair off the bottom strand before crossing this strand over the middle. {This is called a Feather Braid, because the tiny pieces fall off the braid much like a feather with its spine.}
  6. Continue to add hair to the top strand, removing out tiny sections from the bottom strand, as you work your way around the head…
  7. When you get near the opposite ear, stop adding in/removing hair, and continue a normal braid down the strands and secure with an elastic.

You have now created the beautiful Feather Waterfall braid!

Side view of Feather Waterfall | Cute Girls Hairstyles

Back view of Feather Waterfall | Cute Girls Hairstyles

Top view of Feather Waterfall | Cute Girls Hairstyles

Portrait of a young girl modeling Feather Waterfall Braid | Cute Hairstyles

For a very gorgeous look, one that will certainly turn heads when you walk around, use this Feather Waterfall hairstyle as a base and continue below …

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Ladder Braid Combo

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, 2 hair elastics.

Time Requirement: 5-8 minutes.

Skill Level: Medium

Back view of Ladder Braid Combo | Cute Hairstyles

Back view of Ladder Braid Combo | Cute Hairstyles

For purposes of creating this hairstyle, you will need have the Feather Waterfall Braid done {see instructions above}…

  1. Take the first five feathers, or so,  and flip them up and over the head to keep them out of the way while you begin your second braid…
  2. Pick up another small section of hair, 1-2 inches below the other braid,  and begin a regular braid with one stitch…
  3. Now, add in hair from the top…which essentially creates another Lace Braid. {The difference is that you will only be adding in the “feather” strands from the first braid.}
  4. Continue braiding, adding in a feather strand into each top strand of the Lace Braid, as you go. This is creating a Ladder Braid, with the feather strands now becoming “rungs” on the ladder…
  5. As you braid, try to keep the braids about 1-2 inches apart to allow the ladder effect to remain…
  6. Continue ladder braiding as you work your way around the head.
  7. When you get near the opposite ear, stop adding in hair and finish off the strand into a normal braid…
  8. Secure with an elastic.

You have now created an unbelievable, eye-catching Ladder Braid Combo!

Top view of Ladder Braid Combo | Cute Hairstyles

Back view of Ladder Braid Combo | Cute Hairstyles

Side view of Ladder Braid Combo | Cute Hairstyles

Back view of Ladder Braid Combo | Cute Hairstyles

CGH#3 wore this hairstyle to the Kid History Episode #10 Premier this past Friday night, and women were commenting and taking pictures of it all night!

Here is the video tutorial…

If you liked this hairstyle, please do feel free to share! Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. Mind I was wondering if you could add curls on the bottom to add some texture to the Feather Waterfall Braid?

  2. I love this hairstyle. My daughter is 5 years old and I am always looking for new ways to do her hair. Thanks to your video tutorials I now know how to do some new things.

  3. Im only 10 years old I like hairstyling others and my insperation is you Mindy.Everyday I right your hairstyles and love every single hairsyle I saw. 🙂

  4. Thanks so much! I love the one sooo much! Your daughter is so beautiful and I love her eyes! I did this hairstyle on my sister for a wedding and everyone loved it! She got so many comments! Thanks!

  5. I found your link on pintrest and fell in love with the waterfall. My daughter is 7 and is participating in a all natural pageant and we will be doing this hairstyle. We practiced it today and it looks fantastic. Thank you for such a great step by step tutorial.

  6. awesome i have never thought that i could really look good with braid, it has amazed me. thank u so very much mindy n five braid girl sorry just frgt ur name 🙁

  7. OMG MINDY!!! I just tried this hairstyle and it looked amazing!!!! Thanks so much, you and your family rock!!!!

  8. I love this hair do!! I’m going to try it for tomorrow and see how it works! Keep up the great work with your hairstyle varieties!!

  9. I love all your hair styles on here!!! Thank you so much, this website has helped me A TON in the morning for school and regular every day things!! Please upload more new hairstyles, i love watching ’em! 🙂

  10. I love all of your hairstyles. I’ve done this one several times and it is sooo cute, thanks for all the adorable ideas!

  11. This is really AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have one request though. It would be really helpful if you post you post your videos in some other server too like “dailymotion”, or “putlocker” because youtube doesn’t run in our country.
    thank you. 🙂

  12. Since finding your site, and several others on pinterest, I’ve tried to do a different hairstyle on my four year old daughter every day. I think maybe we’ve done one repeat. This one? We both love both versions so much that she’s worn one style or the other three days in a row. I would say that qualifies as a success! This style is beautiful and so much fun to do. Thanks!

  13. Tried this today. Had to finish it by pulling into a ponytail since she has basketball practice after school. Looked super though. Thanks for the ideas. We’ve done so many of them of my DD’s long beautiful hair.

  14. I LOVE this hairstyle and the new website hey in your next video could you give me a shout out I would really appreciate it

    Madisen from Michigan

  15. Love the hairstyles and the website, but…
    At the end where you show past tutorials it says ladder braid, but has a preview of the heart hairstyle.
    Lol Rosalie xxx

  16. I absolutely love all your hairstyles and always look forward towards your latest ones. It has been months since I’m watching them and you are very talented

  17. May I ask what song was in the background? Love the new website BTW. I love your videos and I’m on here almost every day! Hope you have a great week Mindy and family! P.S. could you give me a shoutout? I would love that!

  18. Love the new website Mindy! Also I am following your instagram account, I am @zebragirlpointe. Keep up the good work!

  19. I just noticed that all your daughters hair (not including your black daughter) used to be blonde and now it is turning more brown. But I don’t know about CGH #4 because I haven’t seen much vids of her recently.
    btw. I love this hairstyle! It’s so cool and unique!

  20. I Like the new website, but with the ‘hairstyles” dropdown at the top, you can’t access all of the categories, other links get in the way.

  21. Mindy you are such an amazing person!! thank you so much for sharing the tutorials it has been such a help with doing things different for my girls :):)

  22. watched it! pinned it! tweeted it! instagrammed it! now all i have to do is wait for tomorrow to do this on my daughter for school. THANKS!!!

  23. Luv the new website!!!! I was thinking for this hairstyles u could feather the bottom braid again to make a double feather waterfall braid

    1. i love your hair styles tutorials very much but the thing is that youtube is banned in our country so can you please tell me some other websites in which i can see your latest tutorials.

      1. you can acctualy read the how to thats naturally on her website. you have to learn the basics on like a lace braid,french,dutct,ect. but you still can learn them without the video

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