December 15, 2009

French Front Wrap-Around Pony

This hairdo is pretty simple to do, and is quite cute. To begin, I prepped my daughter’s hair with two French Front braids.

Now, how the wrap around looks will depend entirely on the length of your daughter’s hair. Go ahead and watch the video and then I will offer a suggestion for those of you whose daughters have hair slightly shorter than my girls…

French Front Wrap-Around Pony

French Front Wrap-Around Pony

French Front Wrap-Around Pony

OK. For shorter hair, I have done the following and it looks very cute. Instead of starting with the two French’s on the front, you simply pull all the hair back into a ponytail (or do a small flip under or something to accent the front) and then rubber band it off.

Then take two small sections from the top of the ponytail and braid each of them, rubber banding them as well. The last step is to take the two braids and follow the same wraparound pattern I used in the video.


Items Needed: 2 small rubber bands, 2 ponytail rubber bands, waterbottle (if necessary).

Time Requirement: 5-7 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Happy Hairdoing!

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