April 05, 2015

How to Create a Dragon Braid

Happy Easter! This week’s hairstyle isn’t anything new, as you’ve likely seen it around everywhere from the catwalk to fashion magazines, but we’re just now getting around to filming a tutorial on it. This has been one of Brooklyn’s favorite braids for a few months now, which is why she volunteered to be our model today.

Dragon Braid | Hairstyles for Girls

This hairstyle is generally called the Dragon Braid, as it mimics the bumpy scales down the spine of the dragon. You know, a lot like you’d see down the backs and tails of alligators and crocodiles today?

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I would recommend this hairstyle for an edgier outfit, or for sports, as it holds nicely. It can be done either wet or dry, depending on the final look you want, and how many flyaway you have. {For the latter, I would recommend a good hairspray or spray wax to hold the flyaway down.}

Dragon Braid | Hairstyles for Girls

Dragon Braid | Hairstyles for Girls

Brooklyn’s Outfit Details:
Shirt: Forever 21 | Shorts: Cherokee @Target | Necklace: Forever 21 | Earrings: Nordstrom

Dragon Braid | Hairstyles for Girls

We are categorizing this hairstyle as Hard, due to the overdirecting of the braid along the part lines. It seems easy to do, but my first try it took me two to three attempts before i got it down! After that, this braid was easy to create!

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Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, 2 ponytail holders, 2 hair elastics, spray bottle, 4-6 bobby pins, hairspray or spray wax {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 10 minutes

Skill Level: Hard

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by parting the hair straight down the middle of the head, and securing one section out of the way temporarily with a ponytail holder….
  2. Next, just above the eyebrow on one section, begin a 3-strand Dutch Lace Braid, by only adding hair to the outside edge {it’s very important to keep the edge of the lace braid right next to the middle part line, as you don’t want any space between the braid and the part line itself}…
  3. To do this, I will overdirect the hair by braiding with my hands actually on the opposite side of the part line {I find that when I do this, my braid lays right on the part line nicely, which is essential to this braid}…
  4. Continue to braid dow the head by adding hair only the outside strands of your Dutch Lace Braid, being sure to overdirect the braid so it lies next to the part line…
  5. When you run out of hair at the base of the head, go back and pancake only the inside edge of the lace braid, the side closes to the part line, {I like to make my pancaked elbows really big on this braid, so that they stand up high and really shows off the dragon scale effect we are going for}…
  6. When you finish pancaking the one side, go ahead and continue the remainder of the hair in a simple 3-strand braid, pancake those inside edges only, and secure with a hair elastic…
  7. Now repeat Steps #2-6 on the other side of the head, and then securing both braids together at the end with only one hair elastic…
  8. VITAL STEP: At the top of the braid, gently squeeze together the two braids so that the pancaked edge pop up off the head, then, using a bobby pin, grab a little of each braid’s side and then secure the pin firmly so that the braid sits tightly together…
  9. Continue down the braid line, gently squeezing the braids together, as you did in Step #8, pinning as you go so that the braid begins to look like a row of dragon scales all the way down to the elastic…
  10. Go back and adjust your pancaked edges so that the braid is to your liking, then add hairspray or spray wax to help keep down flyaways.

If you loved this tutorial and video, please do let us know below! Also, comment below with what is your favorite part of Spring!

Happy Hairstyling!

Mindy’s Outfit Details:
Shirt: Merona @Target | Pants: American Eagle | Necklace {similar}: Forever 21 | Earrings: Target

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