Lace Braid Twists into Ponytail | Hairstyles for Long Hair

This week we wanted to show you a cute ponytail hairstyle idea, using Lace Braids in a different way!

You can think of this one like braiding a one-sided French Braid, so if you know how to create a French Braid, this one will be easy!

Back view of young girl modeling Lace Braid Twists into Ponytail | Hairstyles for Long Hair

At the end of each Lace braid, I twisted in the remaining hair into the resulting strand, and repeated the same on the other side!

After creating the Lace Braid Twists on both sides, I then combined them into a ponytail in the back and accented it with a lace clip-in bow.Back view of young girl modeling Lace Braid Twists into Ponytail | Hairstyles for Long Hair

Back view of young girl modeling Lace Braid Twists into Ponytail | Hairstyles for Long Hair

You can leave the ponytail as is, or you can add curls to it.  You can even get very creative and throw in any other combo for the ponytail you would like {simple braid, fishtail braid, 5-strand, etc}!


Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1 hair band, hair accessory and hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 5 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by parting hair down the middle of the head {roughly divide hair into two even sections}…
  2. Next, pickup a small section of hair near the right temple and begin a French-lace braid {make sure you are only adding hair into the bottom strand of the French braid, or the side closest to the ear}…
  3. Continue the braid back around the head and above the ear…
  4. When you get just past the right ear, stop braiding and instead twist the hair toward the head as you add in the final pieces {the lace braid has a tendency to twist away from the head, so adding the twist at the end of the braid will keep the lace braid laying flat against the head}…
  5. When you are done picking up all the remaining hair, twist the ponytail and secure with a hair clip or have someone else hold the hair…
  6. Now repeat this same braiding technique, Steps #2-5, on the left side of head…
  7. When you are finished with both Lace Braid twists, combine the two into a ponytail and secure with a hair band…
  8. Add any accessories {like a ribbon or bow} and hairspray, as desired.

Please feel free to leave me a comment below letting us know what you think!  As always, if you loved this hairstyle, please feel free to share it!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. My daughter,who is now 13,will finially be receiving her sacrement of catholic baptism at easter vigil,2014.she will be 14 then.She is going to wear the traditional white,poofy,top of the knees baptism dress with a matching bonnet,lace anklets and the white ‘mary jane’shoes.her hair is shoulder there any certain way it should be done so it looks good with the bonnet?

  2. Oh my gosh!! I LOVE this hairstyle! I haven’t tried it out yet but I definitely will! But I probably won’t do a very good job because I’m only 12 years old, but even if I don’t get it the first time, I won’t give up on it!!
    P.S. I tried emailing you but I am not sure if it sent it to you or not, so please tell me if you got it, and if you did, please email me back!!!

  3. Hey Mindy,I watch ur hairstyles every Sunday night(monday for me where i live cos of time-zones) and i do them everyday.I notice i get quite a few compliments wen i do them all thanks to you!I’m defintaly looking forward to this Sundays!I’m older than cgh#3 but have the same length hair and color.Thanks so much for reading i wud FREAK if u did!Thanks xx

    1. Thanks, Eve! We love you, too! Thanks for looking forward to our hairstyles every week. We do appreciate you! Big hugs! xoxo

  4. Do you think you could make a section for Girl’s Camp hairstyles? My mom is trying to find cute hairstyles that will stay in during the activities. If you could, that would be awesome!

  5. This one turned out fabulously. I do every hairstyle on my sisters the Sunday after you upload it…keep it up, it’s so much fun seeing new tutorials!

  6. Such a great hairstyle, and I am going to try it on myself! Also watched your video with Andrea, it was great! keep up the good work!

  7. I tried doing this hairstyle, and it worked out okay, but I did it on my self. I did have to use some bobby pins to correct some bumps though, but I won’t quit trying!

  8. I’m a new follower to your blog 🙂 So cute! I love this look. Hair inspiration for “second day” hair! Great post!

    1. I’m terrible at hairstyles on myself, but I tried this out and was able to do it fine. It took a little practice but I got it.

      Good luck 😉

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