Primrose Everdeen Braids | Hunger Games Hairstyles

We here at CGH are totally excited that the first movie in The Hunger Games series comes out this weekend!  In fact, it is about all that my twins are talking about!  They are dying to see the movie!

Primrose Everdeen Braids | Hunger Games Hairstyles

We recently posted our Katniss Everdeen Braid, which is gaining lots of traction on YouTube, and yesterday we  filmed two additional Hunger Games Hairstyles!

This one is the braided hairstyle wore by Katniss’ younger sister in the District 12 scene, which uses the French braiding technique.  {We scoured the internet for shots of her wearing the style and can confirm that they are French braids, and not Dutch braids.}

Portrait view of young girl modeling the Primrose Everdeen Braids | Hunger Games Hairstyles

These differ than your standard Double French Braids as they run much closer to the hairline and actually “cup and hug” the ears so that the braids naturally want to hang over the shoulders.

We show you exactly how to get that unique braided look in the hairstyle tutorial below…

Items Needed:  Brush, rat-tail comb,  spray bottle, 2 clear elastic bands, hairspray {if desired}

Time Requirement: 5 minutes

Skill Level:  Easy

Our hope is that all of you who are going to see the movie this weekend will want to wear one of these hairstyles to the theater! Be sure to share this link with your friends so that they will do the same!  Let’s see how many Hunger Games hairstyles we can get to the theaters!

The Hunger Games promises to be a successful movie franchise, so there will be many more fun hairstyles to come!  {It will be nice to actually see the movie, since so much has been left to secret photos and guesswork!}

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. I love the side braid with the micro braid it worked so great on my hair:) I also tryed the no heat head band thing it also worked awesome with my hair. Tomorrow I’m going to use one of your guys other haistyles to!! I LOVE<3 yuoor work on hair it changed my life!!!!:):) Thanks cutegirlshairstyles!!!!!

  2. I love ur HG videos they r so cool i love it i try them nd i love them just as much as i love The Hunger Games trilogy nd the movie ws amazing i cant wait for the other two sequals to com out Team Peeta all the way!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 yay!!

  3. i love this braid i was wondering if someone could do this on their own hair if you can please tell me if not i would be grateful if you could find a way

  4. The little girls in the summer program where I work beg me to do their hair, and this one was a huge hit today, and so cute. Thanks

  5. I think I look more like Prim than your daughter though. Sorry! 🙁 I just think we look SO much alike. My friends and family say I do too. Just my opinion. 🙂 Bye! 🙂

  6. I LOVE The Hunger Games! It’s the best book series ever!!! The movie was amazing! I was dressed up like Prim all day and had the two braids. Although at first my Grandma said “You look like an indian”. I look like Willow Shields too with the blonde hair and stuff. I’m 11. I love Prim, Foxface, Finnick, Johanna, and, of course, Katniss. Team Peeta, although if ther was an option, I’d be Team Finnick!!! <3 I have LOTS of posters and merchandise. I also have a Mockingjay pin and necklace. I love The Hunger Games SO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I like it more than you! JK, but you never know. Hi Alia and Kaitlyn! 🙂

  7. I did these braids on my friends hair today and they looked amazing and stayed all day!(: Thank you so much for this great idea.

  8. i wore this in the theater! and im actually wearing it now love it! and you know my mom dosnt know how to do french braids and as i dont have a sister i just have one brother i have to do it on myself and as the prims braids are closer to the face, it make it more easy to do it on yourself!
    hahaha when i was watching this my brother ( hes 8 years old) come and says WOW!that girl with the braids is so pretty, i hope she dosnt have a boyfriend so i would marry her. … i was like, she dosnt even know you!

  9. I love this braid! It looks SO CUTE, especially on little girls.
    It works and looks well with a dutch (outie) braid too.

    Thank you Mindy!

  10. omg this is so cool since the 23 of march ( hunger games movie) i wear this all the time i love it it look so pretty

    btw your daughter has really beatiful eyes!

  11. Wow! That looks exactly like Prim’s hair! I went to the midnight premiere of the movie (I wore the Katniss braid from your tutorial) and the movie was AMAZING!!! I don’t know if there’s any pictures of it online or anything you could find, but in the interview scene, Katniss’s hair was SOO cool!! It looked like an updo wrapped with 5 strand braids, or maybe they were 7 strand braids, I’m not sure. But if you are able to figure that one out you should post a tutorial!!!

  12. I wore this to the midenight primere everyone loved it I had a bunch of random strangers asking me how I did the braid I tolled them it was my friend sitting next to me and she started to blush.It was so amazing!(the braid and the movie!)

  13. OMG the hunger games are amazing!I realy liked Prims braid with the pony tails at the end that one of the only braids I can do on myself.It looks lovey you should put up a toutorial for that.You know the one Prim has when Katniss comes home it’s so pretty.

  14. Hi Mindy! Luv your hairstyles soo much! Oh, and Kaitlyn and Alia, I’m 12 and I’d like to be friends with you guys too! Great to see two people of my age on this website. Do you guys live in the States too? I love THG, I’m gonna see it with my best friend Camilla today! Luv ya guys!

  15. I love your blog! You are so good at doing hair! I’m going to see the movie today and I just can’t decide if I should do Katnisses or Primroses hair! Do you know witch one I should do? I’m thinking katnisses, but I have yet to do that hair style properly! 😛

  16. And also, I do all the hairstyles on here on my bffs! I’m like the hair person of my friends! Thx to this website I’m good at it!!

  17. Hey alia! So kool that someone responded to me!! And I just got back from seeing thg movie!! I cried 3times hard and nearly screamed once! I’ll be friends with any thg fan!;)

  18. I did this on my sister the other day and it looked so cute cus she has blonde hair too
    Going to see the movie this weekend….is it like the books? Im so excited…definitly sportin ur do’s!!!!

  19. OMG We were so excited for the opening of THG in cinemas in Australia yesterday. I am reading THG to my girls 10 & 7 (censored heavily by mum of course) and they were so excited to wear their HG hair to school yesterday, one as Katniss and one as Prim! My 10yo has very,very long, dark hair so it looked fantastic in CGH’s Katniss Braid. Thank you for posting these Mindy, we have such fun with your hairstyles and eagerly anticipate your posts…

  20. I’m only 12 and when I can’t think of hairstyles or if I can’t find help I come to you. I’ve read all 3 Hunger Games books. How did you ever find how to do the Dutch braid? My friend says she did her regular french braid today for Katniss and is going to try to do the real Dutch braid tomorrow. she doesn’t Know about you though. Oh. and Kaitlyn,yeah you, the 7th commenter, you sound cool. We should be friends. Comment again to talk to me. Same coment place?

  21. WOW! I am soo glad I found your site! THANK YOU PINTEREST! I am also a 31 year old mother of 6! All of mine are girls though and my daughters thank you for all these great hairstyles. You have saved them from the same High and Tight style their dad has! LOL!! Keep ’em coming mama!!!

  22. I Love all your hairstyles and so do my girls! I love that you make complicated-looking ones so easy to do. I did one of the heart hairstyles on my youngest and posted it on my blog if you want to see it. Thanks!

  23. Hi Mindy! It’s Katy here! I am 17 years old and m my my sister Rosie is 12, like Prim. We love the Hunger games, and I had a great idea! My mum is going to do the Katniss hairstyle on me and the Prim hairstyle on Rosie when we go to see the Hunger Games next Thursday! I love our website, and am a regular visitor, although i never comment! Thanks for everything Mindy, and Happy Hunger Games! May the odds ever be in your favour! LOL, enjoy your film!!

  24. I love this! My hair isn’t long enough yet to do Prim’s braids on, but I can do Glimmer’s two fishtail braids. And did you get the Hunger Games magazine by Us? There’s a great picture of Prim’s braids in there.

  25. I’m so pumped for THG!!!!!!!!! I’m going to go watch it with my friends, and I’m hoping that I can do my hair like this for the movie and do the dutch braid on my friend. I will try to do these hairstyles on as many people as I can. I am very curious to see how they did Katniss’s hair for her interview and for the chariot ride, so hopefully I can figure it out when I see it! Have your twins read the books or do they just want to see the movie?

  26. First of all, I love your hairstyles and live by them almost! Second, I’m not a mom or anything, I’m only 12! Usually I can do your hairstyles on myself pretty good but if u could maybe share some tricks on doing my own hair behind my head. The mom hairstyles help me to! And I love love love the katniss braid and wear it all the time (I’m a big reader and obsessed over the hunger games!, bought merchandise and all!) I did this one on my blonde little neice!! Super cute!! Thank you so much!!

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