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I know that Fishtail Braids are all the rage these days, especially any that are variations of the original fishtail braid.

Recently, we have found photos on Pinterest of this cute Reverse Fishtail hairstyle, but we did not know how to recreate one. {I also just found out that Princess Hairstyles has a good tutorial on a French version of this braid.}Reverse Fishtail Braid | Cute Braided Hairstyles

As you know, the stitches on a standard Fishtail Braid have a distinct “v” herringbone pattern.

Well, a Reverse {or Inverse} Fishtail Braid has an inverted “^” pattern which is very different than what you see around.Reverse Fishtail Braid vs Regular Fishtail Braid

I spent a few hours a week or so ago perfecting this hairstyle on my mannequin head, and as I completed the first five stitches or so, it seemed like I was doing something wrong! Just as I figured on giving up, all of the sudden… the braid popped out perfectly! A beautiful inverse herringbone pattern!Back view of Reverse Fishtail Braid | Cute Braided Hairstyles

Close-up view of Reverse Fishtail Braid | Cute Braided Hairstyles

I then recreated it on CGH#3 that day, and had her go show it to Bailey, her older sister. Bailey quickly asked… “How did you do that? I want to learn it!” So, last week, we were pretty much wearing reverse fishtail braids every day!Portrait of a young girl smiling | Cute Braided Hairstyles

Portrait of a young girl making silly faces| Cute Braided Hairstyles

Hope you enjoy, and if you do… please feel free to share!

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1 hair band, 1 small hair elastic, hairspray and accessory {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 5-8 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by combing all the hair into a high ponytail or desired location of the fishtail and secure with a hair band {I sprayed the hair with water first, to make the ponytail clean and crisp}…
  2. Separate the ponytail into two equal sections…
  3. Take a small sliver of hair from the outside edge of the right section, and take it behind the rest of that same section and combine it into the inside edge of the left section {in a regular fishtail braid, you would go over the section of hair, and not under}…
  4. Now take a small sliver of hair from the outside edge of the left section, and take it behind the rest of that section, and combine it into the inside edge of the right section {simply the opposite of Step #3}…
  5. Continue Steps 3 & 4 over and over again until you run out of hair…
  6. When you get to the end of your braid, secure it with a hair elastic.
  7. You may tug on the edges of the braid to soften the fishtail, and create a more romantic look, if desired.
  8. Add any desired hair accessory {such as a bow, ribbon or clip} to finish it off.

If you liked this, you may very well love our other Fishtail Braid tutorials!

Please feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think, and as always… feel free to share!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. This hairstyle worked great in my hair. I was looking for hairstyles for swimming. This one is a great one!!! Thanks Mindy:-)

  2. Oh my gosh I love this hairstyle. Out of my friends I’m never usually the one with the cool hairstyles, and now I finally know something that my friends don’t! Thanks so much!


  4. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!! This has everything that I looked for!
    I want to try all of these braids!

  5. I love all of your braids that you do I can do all the braids and stuff that you do to my hair because of your videos and everybody comments on them and they are all good ones and I tell them to look at your website thank you ssoo much I’m 13 and even my boyfriend compliments on them and he loves them thank you for that to

  6. O.M.G my friend try this on there sister and she said it looked amazing thank you Mindy or posting that tutorial cause me, my friend and her sister all like this video you are so epic with hair tutorials

  7. If I were to put this in my hair after a shower and leave it in over night, how would the curls look? Would they be different than the curls from a regular fishtail?

  8. hej do you know any places that have good mannequin heads with good hair i have tried all the bratz and barbies but they are really bad

  9. I did this on myself and only about the first three inches were good because my arms grew tired. But when I asked someone to help me out, it looked amazing! I love it!

  10. You probably won’t read this and it will probably end up being really long but I love your website and when I wore this hairstyle to school everyone liked it and asked me how to do it.
    I don’t have a Youtube account ( otherwise I would subscibe to your channel ) or a Facebook account but I have just finnished a really good book that I think Brooklyn and Bailey would like: it is called ” Tanglewreck” by Jeanette Winterson and I thought about them because there is a bit about twins.(I like their channel too ).
    I also really like The Hunger Games Trilogy and Harry Potter books if you haven’t read them they are awesome.

  11. Just did this on my 9 year old today…forgot to take a pic to share with you, but it turned out great!! and I agree with you, the hand hold is easier this way….I love the look of the reverse & “regular” fishtail…thanks for the tutorials!

  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All I can say is Kute…Kute…Kute…Kute with a capital K

  13. this is amazing!!! i have to say one of my favorite things on the page is the wacky face! you should have all your kids do that! pretty face, wacky face, pretty face, wacky face!!!

  14. I love this!! Can u pretty please do a tutorial on the Katniss bow braid? I love love love it but I can’t do it and don’t know how to part it…. Thanks!

    1. If you want to know about the katniss braid then go to Lilith moon website or youtube it’s pretty good❤

  15. Awesome. This is super cute! Princess Hairstyles also shows how you can make a pretty style by alternating between a normal and a reverse fishtail, which makes a little cross between transitions. It is here: if you want to see it.

  16. Ive been waiting all week for a new hairstyle and this is so cool!
    Im going to try this tonite and if it goes well ill wear it for school tomorrow! Thx so much!

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