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As you know, I have been loving Pinterest lately as it allows many of my fans to @Mindy “MrsHairdo” me in their hairstyle pins so that I can have a better way to keep track of fan suggestions.

This is one that I have actually been doing on myself a lot lately, because I saw the idea online from the girls at Real Simple.  I cannot tell you how many compliments I have received!  Fans have been repinning the style, so I decided to film a tutorial.

Back view of the Triple Twist-and-Pin

What I love most about this bun hairstyle is its simplicity.  You will see that it really does not take much to create this elegant hairstyle.   If you accessorize a little bit , it can make a great updo for prom/homecoming, as well as a great hairstyle for communion or a flower girl in a wedding.

This style involves separating the hair into three even sections in the back, then taking each strand individually and twisting them until they twist upon each other {forming a bun}.  Two of the buns you twist and pin in the same direction… the last one you twist in the opposite direction.  You may even opt to twist the bangs back before creating the buns for an even more elegant look.

Securing the buns can be tricky, and you may choose to use Goody’s Spin Pins for more security, but on this day we could only find bobby pins.  {If you do this style on your daughter, please know that it may not hold well if she plans to be active in PE that day or during sports.}

Side view of the Triple Twist-and-Pin

Portrait view of young girl modeling the Triple Twist-and-Pin

As you can see, I also did this style on myself that day.  My hair is shoulder length, with bangs, and quite layered.  The style holds well for me.  Back view of Adult modeling the Triple Twist-and-Pin

Portrait view of the woman modeling the Triple Twist-and-Pin

Did you notice my little friend on my shoulder?  If not, then look closely again!  Crazy!  He just flew from the flowers onto my shoulder and my husband and daughters thought it was hilarious!

Items Needed:  Brush, 1 alligator clip, 10-12 bobby pins, hairspray and accessories {if desired}.

Time Requirement:  5 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. Hi Ms.Mindy I am a big fan of your hairstyles my mother does them on me all the time I am a big fan of Headband Curls and Sock Curls (you are a genius I never thought of that!) I also think that the Dutch side braid looks so pretty!(My hair isn’t long enough yet boo)Your hair looks so pretty in that picture. Oh like the little buddy :D.

  2. So, I would LOVE it if you would do a demo of you doing this style on yourself. I have similar length hair and am having trouble making it look as cute as you do.

    I only have a DS right now and hope to have a girl sometime so as to do her hair all cute thanks to you!


  3. Hi. Ever since i saw your family intro, i try to spot who you’re doing the hairstyles on. No such luck, your 3 older daughters all look the same to me. I only recognize your 2nd daughter cos’ of her bangs!

  4. Love this and every ‘do. You’ve helped get this (31) mama out of a rut with fun new ideas & clear demos. Thank You! I’m anxious for my little girl’s hair to grow long enough to start creating Cute Girls’ Hairstyles – she’s 12mo.
    I watched your 20/20 clip just now & loved it. (Funny that I thought I had discovered a secret gem – turns out you’re famous! lol )
    I love the hairdo link Jane provided & I, too, would LOVE it if you could possibly deduce it & demo it for us. (I’m trying but can’t solve the puzzle. 😛 )

  5. Hi! I’m from mexico and i have a bad english 😛

    I learned to make French braids because of your videos.
    The hairstyles are beautiful!

    I have seen side braid hairstyle by Alexander Hercovitch, I tried to make my daughter and I could not 🙁

    Maybe you can make it look and try and post a video!

    The link:

    Thank you!

  6. I just tried this on myself, because I love trying your styles on my 3 year old DD. I can’t figure out why it looks so cute on you, but makes me look like I’m Amish. I can’t pull it off. Sad, too, because with my DD in preschool, I’d love to sport something more than the early morning ponytail/messy bun.

  7. That’s so funny, I just did this style on my hair this morning and did tiny rosettes and a ring around my DD’s hair because her hair is too short and fine for anything else yet.

    Love the mantis.

  8. Mindy!
    Love, Love, LOVE the Triple Twist-and-Pin. I’ll be trying that on my daughter this Saturday for a b-day party! So far this year she has received tons of compliments on her pretty hairstyles, all thanks to your tutorials!

    Thank you so much for sharing, you have a beautiful family and a heart of gold.


    p.s. I wonder how the Triple Twist-and-Pin would look on a half-up/half-down hairdo? I have really long thick hair and I think I’ll try that on myself.

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