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We have received a lot of attention for our Waterfall Braid hairstyle tutorials, with over 18 million YouTube views between our first two videos alone!

What I hear from some girls, is that they are not very good at French braiding and as such they can never get the braids to look right. We want everyone to be able to get that awesome cascading waterfall look, so…

Back view of the Waterfall Twist | A cheat to the Waterfall Braid

About six months ago, Kori, a good friend of mine from Princess Hairstyles, posted a simple “cheat” for the Waterfall Braid that used a twist on the side, rather than a braid. The end result looks so much like a waterfall braid that not many people would know the difference!

Back view of the Waterfall Twist | Beautiful Teen Hairstyles

Side view of the Waterfall Twist Hairstyle | Top Hairstyles

Portrait view of young girl modeling the Waterfall Twist Hairstyle {Front View}

For this tutorial, we carried the twist all the way around the head and we think it turned out super cute!

Items Needed: Brush or rat-tail comb, 1 bobby pin, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 5 minutes

Skill Level:  Medium

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin on front, right side of the head and section out 1 large strand of hair that can serve as your base for the twist around the head…
  2. Divide this strand into 2 equal pieces, and begin by twisting them around each other one time.
  3. Now, take a new selected strand of hair and place it between your twisting strands, so that it literally falls through like in the Waterfall Braid.
  4. Twist the 2 original strands once more.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 all the way around the back of the head and towards the top of the left ear.
  6. For the last added-in section of hair on the left side, be sure to pull back into the strand about the same amount of hair you pulled initially to created the twisted strands… this will give a balanced look from the front.
  7. When you finish adding in your last twist, grab a bobby pin and sure-secure the end of the twist above the ear, making sure to hide the bobby pin as best as you can.
  8. Use hairspray {if desired} to help control flyaways.


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Happy Hairdoing!

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    1. The twins have a few natural looking makeup tutorials on their YouTube channel {http://www.youtube.com/BrooklynAndBailey}. Feel free to check them out!

  1. I love the hairdo. I always struggle at the end because my daughter’s hair is fine and the bobby pins never hold. I have bought more expensive bobby pins from beauty supply store but It is still really hard for me to use bobby pins at the end of any hair do. Any suggestions?

  2. hey mindy-
    do you have any tips for braiding at the front of your head? i have tried to do some of your styles such as the starbust and crown braids, but have trouble braiding around the front of my head.

  3. Thank you so much for doing this! I have had such a hard time doing the braid on myself, but love the look of it. This helps so much!!

  4. Hi im a really big fan of your website! I have a question did you do something to you daughter’s hair because when you separate some hair into two parts there arent loads of strands coming off it and when i do that with my hair it gets loads of strands :/

  5. does your hair have to be long to do this? btw LOVE your site i am always fixing my little sisters hair and this helps so much!

  6. I love u!!im 10 years old and I love doing hair . I know how to do the fishtail braid,4 piece braid,braid,French braid,and the cage braid u did for Halloween !!!I am I HUGE fan!!!!can u do a video of more Halloween hairstyles because am going to be a devil for Halloween and I don’t know what to do with my hair?!?!;( oh and I have medium hair and I have layers.my hair is blonde and thin.so I will really love it if u would do more hairstyles. And if u could could u give me some tips on how to grow ur hair faster?!?!PLEASE AND THANK U!!:)please email me at [email protected]!!bye Mindy:)!!!

  7. Can you do that with side bangs? Ive tried it but im not the best with hair tho. i kinda messed up too hehe -_-

  8. Hello!
    I LOVE your videos and blog! I have learnt sO many new hairstyles! I am a high school student and get bored with just wearing a ponytail all day, so this site is perfect for getting ideas!!! I love the waterfall twist and use it in my hair all the time and get loads of compliments about it! I was experimenting on my friend when I found an awesome way of incorporating the waterfall twist into a hairstyle!
    Here is how you do it:
    1. Start by doing a waterfall twist like normal.
    2. Just underneath the twist you just did, pick up hair and do the waterfall twist again, but pick up the pieces from the last twist.
    3. Continue doing this until you get to the bottom of the head.
    4. Sweep the hair into a side ponytail.

    It will create a beautiful woven look.
    Thank you for being fabbity-fab! Keep posting!

  9. i have horses. and i was wondering if you can do a cute hairstyle for at the barn

    thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I love the hairstyles you post! I have short/medium leanth hair. My sister usually does my hair. I’m going to try this one in a few minutes!

  11. Can you do a twisted head band tutorial like Diana Agron did?
    You could also look at other celeberties’ head braids for an example. Thanks!

  12. Hiya! I’d just like to say i love this hairstyle/site! You are so helpful and all my friends always compliment on my hair! Thank you so much and I’d just like to say im a 13 year old girl 🙂 LOVE U GUYS!

  13. Both my girls have somewhat short hair and growing out bangs and hair at the same time. I can’t wait to try this on their hai, hopefully it works with their shorter tresses 🙂

  14. Hey Mindy I have loved your website for years. Im allways on your website searching from new and fun hairstyles to try. I’m always excited to check out new hairstyles that you have posted.I”m 11 and have mastered every hairstyles that you have posted and many more. I always ask if I can do their hair at school and its so fun. Thank you so much. 🙂

    1. You are so tint it’s so fun to try all the hair styles even if I can’t master all of them!!:p

  15. Absolutely love this web site THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I’m very good at doing different styles to my 6yr old & my husband says that I missed my calling ,,& I always get so many compliments…I cannot wait to try all of these styles ,,Im always up for something new and different.

    thanks again

  16. We’ve done this a few times now – it’s my new favorite style! Thanks sooo much!! Btw, I “pinned” this on Pintrest and it got 53 re-pins in 2 days! Quite the popular style! Yea for you!

  17. Hi Mindy,
    I love your site! I teach 7th grade, and each teacher is required to sponsor a “club.” My club is french braiding, and I use your site all of the time. Thanks!

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