10 DIY Food Halloween Costumes | Kamri Noel

This week on Kamri’s YouTube Channel she featured 10 adorable Halloween Costume Ideas.  We thought you might like to see her “10” Food Inspired DIY Costumes.  This video was so much fun! Which is your favorite?Strawberry Costume | DIY | Kamri NoelStrawberry-  This one is “berry” cute.  Simply cut out tear drop shapes (seeds) out of white felt and glue or stitch on a red dress.  Make a topper out of green fun foam and hot glue on a headband.  Cotton Candy Costume | Kamri NoelCotton Candy-  Take an old dress and hot glue pillow stuffing all over.  Give it a spritz of pink spray paint and voile you have cotton candy.  (Cone’s made out of white card stock & red tape)

Candy Dots Costume | Kamri Noel | CGHCandy Dots- This classic candy costume was made by taking 1/2 styrofoam circles, spray paint 6 of each color and then hot glue to a white t-shirt!Pineapple Costume | Kamri Noel | CGHPineapple- One of my very favorites!  Make an upside down “V” shape out of tape or black marker.  Add them to a yellow t-shirt.  The topper is again, green fun foam hot glued to a headband.Pizza Costume | Kamri Noel | CGHPizza- Cut a triangle shape out of cardboard or foam board.  Paint brown crust, red sauce, and yellow cheese.  Cut toppings out of felt and attach with hot glue.  Neck strap is ribbon attached with hot glue. Popcorn Costume | Kamri Noel | CGHPopcorn- For this costume you simply crumple up white copy paper, lightly spray with yellow spray paint (butter) and then attach to a white t-shirt with hot glue.  The skirt is a red skater skirt with white stripes added out of 1″ duct tape.  Gumball Machine Costume | Kamri Noel | CGHGumball Machine-  Get ready to glue!  Take 1.5″ pom poms and attach with hot glue.  The belt is made out of felt and then attached with a safety pin!Donut Costume | Kamri Noel | CGHDonut-  Use a pool tube and spray paint your donut and frosting. Dig out your old foam hair curlers, wrap them in construction paper and hot glue them to your donut! (Find new foam curlers at your local dollar store). Grapes Costume | Kamri Noel | CGHGrapes-  Blow up purple balloons and safety pin them to a t-shirt.  Topper made out of greed fun foam and attach with hot glue to a head band.Jelly Belly Costume | Kamri Noel | CGHJelly Belly’s-  Everyone’s favorite jelly beans!  Fill a clear trash bag with small various colored balloons.  Cut small holes for arms and secure around the neck with a red ribbon.  Print a jelly belly logo and tape to your bag of jelly beans!

Halloween is a family favorite holiday.  We hope you have been inspired by one of these cute DIY costume ideas! To see Kamri’s video click on the link below!

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