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Recently on Kamri Noel, Kenzington shared 13 cute DIY Pumpkin Decorating ideas.  They are all “no carve” DIY craft ideas.  These were so cute I just had to share them with all of you!

Glitter Polka Dot Pumpkin:  Use a round foam dotting tool & craft paint to make dots.  Add glitter and you get this cute pumpkin. Polka-Dot-Pumpkin | Kamri Noel | CGHMasked Pumpkin:  Take a cute mask and tie it around your pumpkin to make this masked pumpkin.  Easiest DIY ever!Masked Pumpkin | Kamri Noel | CGHMetallic Pumpkins:  For these you need painters tape and metallic gold spray paint.  Tape off your design, spray & peel!Metallic Pumpkins | Kamri Noel | CGHGlam Pumpkins | Kamri Noel | CGHPineapple Pumpkin:  This cool pineapple needs yellow craft paint, green card stock & some cute pink shades.  (Mindy’s favorite!) Paint your pumpkin yellow, cut out leaves, hot glue them on top and add glasses.  Pineapple Pumpkin | Kamri Noel | CGHDonut Pumpkins:  These mini pumpkins are easy and look too good not to be real donuts!  All you need is craft paint and sprinkles.  Donut Pumpkins | Kamri Noel | CGHIce Cream Cone Pumpkin:  Using 2 mini pumpkins, simply paint, stack and add a cone! Mint Chocolate Chip is one of Kamri’s favorites!Ice Cream Pumpkins | Kamri Noel | CGHSticker Pumpkins:  These funny pumpkins were painted with craft paint and then cute Halloween phrases added with sticker letters.  (Vinyl would work better if you have it)Sticker Pumpkins | Kamri Noel | CGHGlam Pumpkins | Kamri Noel | CGHConfetti Pumpkin:  Simply brush some ModPodge where you want confetti and sprinkle!Confetti Pumpkin | Kamri Noel | CGHDipped Pumpkins:  We took a mini pumpkin and painted it pink.  Then just dip in Metallic gold.

Knob Top Pumpkin:  This was so easy!  Pop off the stem and add a decorative knob! Dipped Pumpkins | Kamri Noel | CGHMonogram Pumpkin:   Print & Cut out your initial to use as a pattern.  Trace on to sticker paper and place on your pumpkin!  Monogram Pumpkin | Kamri Noel | CGHMod Podge Pumpkin:  To create this pumpkin you just need a paper punch, tissue paper and Mod Podge.  Mod Podge Pumpkin | Kamri Noel | CGHGlitter Stem Pumpkins:  Paint your pumpkin with craft paint.  Paint the stem with Mod Podge and sprinkle with glitter!Glitter Stem Pumpkins | Kamri Noel | CGH

There are so many cute ideas.  Which is your favorite?  To see how to make them, click on the link below!

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