15 Couples Halloween Costumes | DIY

Are you looking for costume ideas for Couples or Friends?  We have 15 super fun ideas from Brooklyn & Bailey.  This was so fun to work on!  Some of these are a little labor intensive DIY’s and some are very simple.  We think you will love them as much as we do!

Baseball Players:  Amazon can be your best friend for finding pieces and parts to costumes.  We found these baseball tees, socks and hats and received them in 2 days!  (Amazon Prime is the best invention ever!) Baseball Couples Costume | CGH | Brooklyn & BaileyBaseball Couples Costume | CGH | Brooklyn & BaileySuper Hero’s:  Turn a super hero tee, cute socks, converse & a bow into a fun couple or group idea!Super Hero Costumes | CGH | Brooklyn & BaileyPeanut Butter & Jelly: Who doesn’t love a classic PB&J?  Take a couple of shirts and iron on letters to make this simple costume! Socks were chocolate brown knee-hi’s from Target.  Peanut Butter & Jelly Costume | CGH | Brooklyn & BaileyPeanut Butter & Jelly Costume | CGH | Brooklyn & BaileyShadow People:  Simply take a black Morph suit, add black clothing & strike a pose!Shadow Costume | CGH | Brooklyn & Bailey3 Blind Mice:  This adorable group costume idea was easy with Amazon!  3 Black skater skirts, black shirts, mouse ears, sunglasses, gloves, canes, bow tie (ribbon tied in a bow), and matching white tennis shoes from Walmart! Loved this one!3 Blind Mice Costumes | CGH | Brooklyn & BaileyLightening & Fried:  This was so funny we couldn’t pass it up.  Cut out a yellow lightening bolt and attach to a plain black T-shirt.  For the unfortunate “zapped” person, cut a few holes in a tshirt, find that broken umbrella you have lingering, and rub some black all over for a freshly sizzled look!  Lightening & Fried Costume | CGH | Brooklyn & BaileyCouples Costume | CGH | Brooklyn & BaileyPolice Man/Woman & Donut:  Haha!  Use that old police stigma for this cute idea!  Police man pieces were ordered on Amazon.  Donut is a swimming pool tube prayed to look like a donut with covered foam curlers used for sprinkles.Police Man & Donut Costume | CGH | Brooklyn & BaileySnow Men/Women:  We don’t usually think of the holidays or winter for halloween.  These cute snowmen were different and so easy!  Cut out felt buttons, hot glue to a white tshirt, add a scarf, top hat & boots!Snowmen Costume | CGH | Brooklyn & BaileyGoogle Maps:  This was a really easy DIY idea using yellow duct tape, red cardboard & printable sticker paper!Google Map Costume | CGH | Brooklyn & BaileyTweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum:  This famous “twin” duo was cute and easy!  Shorts, shirts & hats ordered from Amazon.  Make a white bib out of felt, blue ribbon bow, & a flag for your hat.Tweede Dee & Tweedle Dum Costume | CGH | Brooklyn & BaileyCouples Costume | CGH | Brooklyn & BaileyScuba Divers:  There are several DIY tutorials on Pinterest for this adorable duo!  The girls wore black leggings, black tshirts and then made the scuba gear out of empty soda bottles, fun foam, felt & some matching spray paint!Scuba Diver Costume | CGH | Brooklyn & BaileyCouples Costume | CGH | Brooklyn & BaileyElliott & Gertie:  This famous duo/trio (can’t leave out E.T.) is so cute!  You can order E.T. on Amazon and have him on your doorstep in 2 days with Amazon Prime!  Elliott & Gertie Costume | CGH | Brooklyn & BaileyET Elliott & Gertie Costume | Brooklyn & Bailey

Pikachu & Ash:  With the Pokemon hype, we couldn’t resist this famous duo!  Again, Amazon was perfect for simple accessories.  Pikachu & Ash Costume | CGH | Brooklyn & BaileyPizza & Delivery Boy/Girl:  Recycle your last pizza box and make a giant piece of pizza out of cardboard and felt for this fun idea.Pizza Delivery & Pizza | CGH | Brooklyn & BaileyPiñata & Birthday Boy/Girl:  Be the party with this cute couple!  Piñata dress is a DIY by cutting strips of felt, cutting fringe & hot glue to an old dress.  Birthday boy/girl accessories are easy to find at your local party shop!Pinata & Birthday Boy | Brooklyn & Bailey

Which one is your favorite?  Watch Brooklyn & Bailey model all 15 ideas below!

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