DIY 2 Minute Boot Socks

DIY Boot Socks Cuffs

Winter is full speed ahead up here in DC. However, because we love random and sporadic weather patterns, one day it may 30°, the next could be 70°. Gotta love it. I choose not to let the crazy weather patterns take away my winter, and sport my boots every day.

It would be against my nature to turn away a day in boots. After the boot sock craze took over, I began to stock up on all the boot socks I could find. Not only did my sock collection increase, but the expenses did too. What bothers me the most about boot socks is that if I want to wear them everyday in the winter, I need a whole bunch of them. The great thing about boot cuffs is that they won’t get dirty with each use! You can wear them over and over without throwing them in the wash.

DIY Boot Socks

I attempted to take up knitting and crocheting in hopes of making a pair of boot cuffs, though they never turned out that well. Now, if you happen to be a fabulous knitter or crocheter, unlike myself, go ahead and whip yourself up a pair! For those who can’t knit a straight line, here’s a quick hack that’ll only take you 2 minutes to craft up a pair of boot socks.

Take a trip out to your local thrift store, or scour your closet for some old sweaters. Be sure that your sweater has a sleeve that’ll fit the size of your calf. Another great option are leggings. Either use a pair of leggings laying around that you don’t like wearing, or pick some up at the thrift store. The bottom of the leggings work just as well as sweater sleeves.

Boot Cuffs |DIY

If you prefer leg warmers to cuffs, cut the whole length of the sleeve/legging off, and leave it be.

If you’re going for a boot cuff, measure approximately 8 inches down the sleeve, and cut. Measure from the end of the sleeve or legging up, that way you only have one end to hem. My leggings were made from a knit fabric that won’t fray, so I left those as they were. The sweater I used would end up fraying, so I sewed a zig zag stitch around the raw edges.

Boot Cuffs | DIY

DIY | Boot socks | recycle

It’s as simple as that, and it only took me 2 minutes! If you want to add a little flair to your socks, add a piece of lace around the top edge, or sew on a cute button.

Cheap | Easy |DIY

DIY Boot Socks Cuffs

What’s your favorite way to style boot socks?

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