Paige Strickland

Paige Strickland

Paige Strickland is an 18-year-old college student living in the outskirts of Washington D.C. She grew up in a military family, which resulted in her mother homeschooling her. This presented the opportunity to get a head start on college at age 14. Paige plans on heading out to Utah next summer to finish up her degree at BYU. Her life goals include becoming a statistician working on neonatal clinical trials, and having the chance to become a wife and mother. Paige has an older brother, two wonderful parents, and two adorable kitties.

After years of reading many blogs and thinking, “I can do that!”, Paige worked up the courage to start her own blog, Strickly Darling features the latest fashion and makeup trends, delicious recipes, and all the DIYs your heart desires. Paige can be found wherever Kate Spade is, in her craft room sewing cute creations, or capturing a picture perfect moment through her camera. In her free time, she enjoys designing, all things DIY, and crafting delicious French pastries.

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