Homemade Fruit RollUps

If you’ve never made your own homemade fruit rollups, you are in for a simple, delicious, healthy treat!Homemade Fruit RollUps | CGH LifestyleNot only are homemade fruit roll ups super tasty, they can also be a healthy treat for your family simply because YOU can control what you put in them. The recipe I use only calls for one ingredient – fresh fruit. That means there are no artificial flavors or preservatives and certainly no sugar added.

Here is a quick video I made for Millennial Moms on You Tube that shows how simple it is to take a carton of fresh strawberries and turn them into these delicious fruit rollups – take a look:

Fresh fruit, pureed in a food processor, spread evenly on a baking sheet and baked for several hours at a low temperature – super easy and delicious!

(Because your fruit is cooked at such a low temperature in your oven, you’re not actually baking it- you’re actually dehydrating it.)

If you don’t have a food processor, you can even use a jar of applesauce! Those apples are already pureed and ready to go! This is what I did for these…Homemade Fruit RollUps | CGH LifestyleI’ve never tried a purreed fruit that I didn’t love as a fruit rollup, so don’t be afraid to try out a variety of fruits and combinations!


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  1. This looks very delicious and it’s a healthy alternative which is great because I don’t want my children to eat some much added sugar

  2. These look so good. I have a food allergy so anytime I can make things like this at home & control exactly what goes into them is a huge help. Thanks so much for sharing!

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