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Hi guys!  I’m Tay from 2KidsAndLosingIt.  If you are like me, you have every intention of creating peace, and cleanliness, in the midst of chaos. This means chore charts, sticker charts, incentives etc. If you are also like me, you soon realize managing a chore chart can be just as hard as reminding your children constantly to pick up their toys or brush their teeth. I have created many charts or systems that after a few weeks sit on the wall untouched until I decide to create another “fool proof” idea. It wasn’t until I designed this concept that we actually stuck with a system that seemed to be very easy and actually worked.

Thesstress free | chore cardse chore cards are designed to be made one time and then to work on their own once competed. By placing them on a ring, as soon as the chores are complete, they restart again for the next day. I show how to create them in the video below from Millennial Moms on YouTube, or you can follow the steps below.

They are also designed to instill routine in your children as well as autonomy. Kids shouldn’t need to wonder what the next step is when they are always in the exact order. I would encourage you to stick to the cards for 21 days to really grow a habit in your children. After those 21 days their habit should be to go to the cards and use them as their reminder instead of you.

Chore Card | PrintableChores and habits are very important in children. I love the quote I heard, “We are raising good adults, not good children.” By teaching your kids that chores are apart of everyday life, you are creating healthy habits in their daily routine and they won’t have to teach themselves later on in life.

Step 1: Print the Printable charts HERE (BOYS) (GIRLS) You will need 1 for each child.

Step 2: Cut out all chores

Step 3: Plan Daily Chores for each kidChore Cards | Free Printable (Add in extra things you would like them to do here)

Step 4: Laminate and hole punch

Step 5: Arrange the cards in order of them needing to be done. (This allows them to completely restart after they are complete) If they aren’t finished they will be left the next day where they were left.

Step 6: Place on a ring and hang where they are accessible. Kids should be directed to go back to their cards if they are wondering what to do.

Check out the Video Here:

To see more great DIY’s from me check out 2KidsAndLosingIt!

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