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This week I thought I would mix things up, and share with y’all something Rylan showed me recently after school. For Christmas, we got the kiddos Airpods. They’re these awesome Bluetooth headphones that connect to your iPhone so that you can totally be wireless!

Rylan shared with me that you can use your Airpods as an eavesdropping tool. (Totally scary, right?!) If you switch your iPhone to “live listen” mode and sync it your Airpods, you can leave your phone in any room, walk away (roughly 80-100 feet),  and hear exactly what’s happening in that room through your Airpods. 

Our family decided to put this to the test! Shaun and I stood in his office and Rylan walked all the way across the house and she was able to still hear us!

I always say that there is no such thing as digital privacy! Tech and the digital advances have many good things about them, but the wrong person using them it can definitely be flipped into something negative. For example, kids can use this to eavesdrop on other friends, employers can use this in an interview, or a student can use this in class to hear their professor better. It’s super important to make sure that we’re aware of things like this. Then we have to make sure we’re having conversations with our kids on the right way to use it and that there are people out there.

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