Spring is here…

Finally spring is here…

Spring Manicure | Nail Art

The time of warmer sunny days, Mother Nature waking up from a long sleep, birds, flowers… and the colors… Oh the colors! Pinks, blues, greens, lilacs, soft pastels…

Spring manicures…  I have to admit, winter has been harsh for my hands. No matter how much I moisturised, my cuticles were dry and chappy all winter. If you are like me, before your spring manicure, you have to get rid of those dry cuticles.

Here’s a quick remedy I use; 2 pumps of my favorite hand cream (the greasiest, the better) and a teaspoon of brown granulated sugar. Mix these two in the bathroom and give your hands a good rub. If you have nailpolish on, be careful, since the brown sugar may scratch it.  Wash your hands with warm water and gentle soap and enjoy your supersoft hands.

You may use a cuticle remover and push back those cuticles with an orange stick if you have more time.

For my first manicure, I used a lovely mint green as my base. With a white polish, I stamped the stripes on. For the ring finger, I started with 2 coats of white polish. I used the reverse stamping technique for the rose, which is basicly stamping your image on a silicone mat, coloring it with nail polish, covering it with a clear topcoat and removing it from the mat once it is all dry. Then you place it on your semi-dry base, and voila! Don’t forget to finish with a fast drying top coat.

Nail Art | Stripes and roses

Spring Manicure | Stripes and roses

Spring Manicure | Mint Green

For my right hand, I used a green polish instead of a white base.  I really cannot tell which one I like best.

Mint Green Nail Art

For the second manicure, I went with baby blue and baby pink. For my accent nail I chose gold, because I think it looks so nice with pink and blue. With a dotting tool, I made 5 blue dots and 1 white dot to make the flower.  Finish with a fast drying top coat, as usual.

Pink and Blue Nail Art

Pink Blue Gold Nail Art | Flower

For a variaton of this mani, (if you have fimo nail accessories at home) you may stick one on your nails. I picked a blue flower fimo for the picture below. Since it is a hard object that won’t bend on my nail, I used a strong glue to hold it in place. And for the record, I did not topcoat it. 🙂

Spring Manicure | Pink Blue Gold

Spring Manicure | Flower

That’s it for now. I hope you have a lovely spring. See you next month…

For more nail art designs, check out Posh Nail Art.

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  1. Love the designs, I love doing my nails and yes I find i only want to do them in the spring and summer, going to be digging out my polished soon.

  2. love love love love this.!!! this is probally my favorite one post of your’s.!:) love my roses. ill have to try these out.!: )

  3. Really Cute???? I’m definitely going to try these for spring!???? Ur ideas are really cute!!!

  4. These designs are so cute I’ve been trying to find a cute spring style and color for my nails! I think this might be it!!

  5. Those nails are goals mine look hideous even if I try.
    But I’m still going to try this ( or something like that )

  6. I am in love with all of them and have inspired me to experiment with my nails for spring and even summer.

  7. Hey I really like the tips you gave us for the hands,cause my hands all the time are dry, and also I like the fact that you make all together, that it’s really cool! All my love 🙂

  8. both of them are so cute! i would try them on my nails but unfortunately i don’t have long nails 🙁

  9. I never new about this site until I signed up for Brooklyn and Bailey’s giveaway. I love you guys. Your content is amazing and I love this site. ❤️

  10. I love the colors!! I haven’t had my nails done once since the baby was born!! I really want to now!! Love it!!

  11. Loved the 2nd one, the color choices were amazing. I could never do that good on my nails ever! I wish I could but I can’t so for now I will just stick to the spa for that.

  12. This is honestly adorable! I love it so much. I am not good at nail art, but I’ll ask someone to do it for me.

  13. OMG this is so cute❤️ Absolutely love these designs and the colors are perfecttt❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. I always try making it on my own but it never comes out right, I love your videos everything you make is so pretty! ????????

  15. I love these nails i hate doing my nails so when i do i love when they turn out great and are easy to do ????????

  16. This post is by far my favourite!
    LOVE the nails 🙂
    I dont know but there’s something about them that screams SPRING!
    Maybe the colours or something but nevertheless they’re amazing ????????

  17. so i am bad at making nails, but after seeing this post my nail looks soooooo gooooooddddd thankyou cute girls hairstyles

  18. These are really good I’ll probably do the second option because I don’t have the tools to do the first one.????

  19. Awesome colours!! Love it, fortunally where I live (Belgium) the weather isn’t that good, but some awesome nails could make this so much better!! <3

  20. I love spring nails so much!!! I’m loving the stripes and rose one its my favorite although my nails are probably too short aha oops but its okay I still love the colours and design! 🙂

  21. I am LOVING the baby pink nail polish! Currently looking for a way to style my nails for prom, so excited! ????

  22. I think Baby blue and Baby pink are really cute colours for spring,and the accent nail in gold with the little flower is really giving a beautiful result! ♡I will try to recreate it because I love it!^^ ♡♡♡

  23. I love both these nail looks! They’re so simple and fresh and cute, and I feel like that’s what spring is all about.

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