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Traveling is stressful, we all know that! One thing that helps me is always having a travel bag ready. Whether you hop on a plane once a year or once a month (or more!), here are tips that will get you out of the door with the peace of mind that you have everything you need!

Tip #1: Keep Your Travel Bag Close.

Pick one place in your home to keep your travel bag so you always know where it’s at. It’s also a good idea to pick a bag that’s durable and has different compartments (great for organizing!). Bonus points if it’s right by the door! 

Tip #2: Keep as much stuff in the travel bag as possible even when you’re not using it so you can just grab it and go. 

What should you keep in your bag all the time? Antibacterial wipes are my number one item for seats and for anything I’ll be touching on an airplane. Hand sanitizer holder and face masks are also a must! Business cards and pens are vital for work trips. Stay stocked with feminine products and flushable wipes in case you run into a toilet paper situation. Bug repellant wipes also come in handy.

Use clear carrying cases. This will keep you from digging around to find things and makes it easy to get through security.

Tip #3: Don’t forget electronic must-haves.

Our electronics are our lifelines on trips these days. So, my next few tips deal with making sure you have everything you need for the airplane, the hotel, and any meetings or presentations if you’re traveling for work. First, keep a charging pack so your electronics don’t die.

Other musts for electronics: a dongle so you can plug different devices into your laptop, a converter so you can plug any headphones into your iPhone, and a splitter so multiple people can listen to something together. Pack an outlet extender so you can charge multiple devices at once using a single plug. And, of course, your phone charger. Finally, Airpods. Because who wants their headphone cords snagging on your luggage? Invest in noise-canceling headphones. Crying baby in the seat behind you? No problem!

Tip #4: Keep Track of Loose Cords.

Use cable bite protectors to keep your cords from tangling and bending. This lets you keep all of your cords in one pack so nothing gets lost.

Tip #5: Label Everything!

I repeat, label everything. Items inevitably get mixed up when you’re traveling with family, and this way you’ll always know what belongs in your pack.

Tip #6: Food Anyone?

Pack foods that won’t go bad and that will give you energy and keep you full. I like granola bars, trail mix, beef jerky, and dehydrated fruit. This will be great for your wallet, too, because your kids won’t need those expensive airport snacks.

Tip #7: They’re Called ‘Essentials‘ for a reason!

Keep a bag with key transfer items in your everyday purse. Think about the little things you use all the time. Tylenol, ibuprofen, or any daily medication. Sunscreen. Lip liner, lipstick, or chapstick. Tissues. Bobby pins and hair elastics. Hand sanitizer and lotion. When you’re ready for your trip, just switch the essentials from your purse to your travel bag and you’re good to go!

Tip #8: Keep Your Money Closer.

Use a travel wallet. You don’t want to travel with ALL of your everyday cards. So, pick a smaller, lighter wallet that’s easier to manage while traveling and pick one or two credit cards and your license. And always carry some cash.

Bonus tips: Take a travel pillow and fill a hydro flask with water and freeze it. TSA will let it through!

Happy travels!

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