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Every 1st of October, we will start a fun tradition with our neighbors where we “BOO” them. In a nutshell, we place a treat bucket on their front porch, knock, and run. My kids love the element of being sneaky, and that no one really knows who dropped it (unless someone snitches), and it’s always fun to spread a little joy, right?  I wanted to share this idea, in case others don’t know about it, and some cute printables and tags to attach to the gift as well.

Halloween Printable | CGH LifestyleI found a cute bucket, and stuffed it with stickers, Halloween coloring bookmarks (found at in the Halloween section), and a ziplock bag full of treats with a treat topper over it.

So these are the simple steps to “BOO” someone:

  1. Print off the “We’ve been Boo’ed” sign and instructions
  2. Put together a plate of treats, bucket of toys, stickers, bookmarks, or a mix
  3. Cut out Boo, Instructions, and tags
  4. Attach tags to treats

Halloween gift ideas | CGH LifestyleAfter you’ve done all the prep work, drop it off to a few friends on their porch, and RUN!Halloween Boo Treat | CGH LifestyleThe instructions say to put the sign in the window when “You’ve been Boo’ed” so you don’t get “Boo’ed” again by another neighbor. It’s fun to see the windows fill up as the month goes by! For more fun family Halloween ideas, head on over to and click on the Holiday/Halloween green tab at the top.

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