Back on Good Things Utah!

As many of you know, our hairstyle segment on Good Things Utah was so successful in May that the GTU girls invited me back again on Friday, June 25th!  We are so excited!!!  I will be sharing a few more hairstyles as well as a few summer haircare tips…

Good Things Utah

For anyone who would like to attend the taping of the segment, chat with the gorgeous GTU girls, and meet me and my daughters… you can visit the GTU Ticket Request page and fill out the form. Request tickets for you and your daughter, or a group of friends and make it a Girls Day Out…  we would love to see as many of you there as possible!!!  At last month’s live filming, it was so fun to meet a bunch of you and some won prizes from the GTU crew!

Also, with our recent switch from Blogger to a WordPress plaform… I noticed many loyal followers have written emails mentioning that my feed in their Blogger Blogroll or Google Reader was not updating.  I checked into it with my personal blog and noticed the same thing.  I have done what I can via feed redirecting, however if it still is not working… all you have to do as a sure-fire fix is delete me from your blogroll or reader and add the site over again.  That will do the trick!

Thanks to each of you for making this website the best it can be!  Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. Wow your hairstyles aré daughters lashes aré so adorable.:)I want to comment on your vídeos in Youtube but i cant can u teach me how.pleeez

  2. Hi i want to comment on your vídeos in Youtube but i cant i was wondering if you could teach me how to comment on your vídeos in Youtube.pleeeeeezzzz:)

  3. Very exciting!!! Good luck- Well try and catch you again this time. Summer will be a harder one though— but we are still thrilled for you.

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