DIY School Supply Station

DIY School Supply Station | CGH LifestyleIt’s that time of year again, back to school! I like to consider myself quite organized, yet every year I vow to be more organized than the last, though it never quite works out. With this fall being my first semester away from home in college, I am able to start fresh. After a trip to the store, I gathered up my supplies and got to work.DIY School Supply Station | CGH LifestyleI started off by laying out all of my school supplies, figuring out where everything would fit best. I found some old subscription boxes, and cleared them out to use. Because mason jars are always acceptable, I used one as a perfect pen holder. I picked up a cute pen and pencil holder, as well as a matching large sticky note holder. Instead of using everything for it’s intended purpose, it’s always good to think out of the box on how to best utilize your space.DIY School Supply Station | CGH LifestyleThere are a few items I always keep nearby when studying. First off is a large calendar. The first day of school, I go through my syllabus and write down all the important dates and tests to remember. Another necessity are multiple colored pens and pencils. As I go through my homework and textbook, I tend to remember things better by color coding. One of my most favorite items is a retractable eraser “pen”. The erasers on pencils love smudging my work, and I’ve been able to avoid a lot of frustration with the retractable eraser pen.DIY School Supply Station | CGH LifestyleI set up my school supply station in a room with no distractions, no electronics, and one not too close to the living spaces to limit the noise levels. These stations are completely customizable to fit your specific needs. The best part is that it keeps everything organized, and gives each item a place to reside. Since setting this up for myself, I have already seen an increase in my productivity levels, and less stress when it comes to finding everything I need.

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