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Many of you know that I started this blog only 10 months ago (Oct ’08). What you may not know, is that I have been documenting hairstyles since early 2001.

With my twins being age two then, and with enough hair to “do”, it became hard to remember all of the hairstyles I wanted to put on them. So, for the next five years or so I took pictures of the finished do’s and put them into a photo album. It was a good way to keep track of all of them and the only way I could avoid “hairdoer’s block” (similar to writer’s block) every morning!

Book of Hairdos
Then for the next few years, every morning the twins would flip through the book and select their hairstyle for that day. (It sure made doing their hair more tolerable for them when they had a choice!)

Since those early years, many of my friends tried to convince me to publish a hairdo book. It seemed like so much work to do that and I never knew how or where to start. By mid-2008, while researching where to begin, I noticed that there were about 4 good “hairblogs” already out there on the internet and figured that it was an easier avenue to get my hairstyle out there than trying to publish a book. So I decided to begin this blog.

I had quite a few hair styles in my mind that I have been using the past 10 months, but with this blog I simply forgot about my little album! Just yesterday I found it under my bathroom sink back behind all the hairdo products!

There are quite a few gems in there that none of you have seen. I look forward to sharing them with you all!

(* Kenna, in the comments section, mentioned that there are sites out there that publish blog content into hardcover books. I have seen them, and thought of using their services for my family blog, but never thought about doing it here.)

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. Good work on the fantastic job you do!
    Would you ever consider scanning and putting a copy of your album online to inspire those followers that want to start their own?

  2. I want to thank you for your blog, I've never really been one with talent for hair do's, now blessed with my own little DD, I want her to always look her best. I always just let her hair flow, or a pony tail.Since stumbling upon this site, I have been fixing her hair in ways I never thought was possible. Love it thank you.

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