Summertime in Pastels


Happy to bring you some really great pretties in pastels for the summer because it’s hot, it’s humid and we want to keep things chic.

While some (most) of these beautiful pieces may (for sure) be out of my price range, it’s nothing that should interfere with dressing feminine and fashionable. Using these dreams as reference is really what style is all about anyway – being influenced by anything artistic around us.

Summer dresses and wedge shoes are just the beginning… keep in mind that anything you see below can be styled together! Whether it’s all orange, some pink and blue or green and lilac, these beauties can be worn together which makes our lives more simple and that’s the way I like it.


Summer Pastels | CGH Lifestyle

Blue Round SunniesPink Sunglasses | CGH Lifestyle

Pastel Pink Sunnies
Pastel Sunglasses | CGH Lifestyle

Pastel Green Retro Sunnies

Pastel Pink Hat | CGH Lifestyle

Pastel Pink Fedora Pastel Summer Hats | CGH Lifestyle

Pastel Peach Boater Hat Grey Summer Hat | CGH Lifestyle

Pastel Grey Floppy Hat

Pastel Summer Dress | CGH Lifestyle

Pastel Orange Mini Dress


Pink Summer Dress | CGH Lifestyle

Pastel Pink Lace Dress


Blue Summer Dress | CGH Lifestyle

Pastel Blue Tea Dress

Pastel Shoes | CGH Lifestyle

Pastel Pink Sandals

Orange Wedges | CGH Lifestyle

Pastel Orange Wedge

Blue Ballet Flats | CGH Lifestyle

Pastel Blue Ballet Flats


And there you have it, your summer in blissful blue’s, pretty pinks and gorgeous greens. Simplify your wardrobe with simplicity this summer and be creative with all the different looks you can put together with only three of every kind.

Until next time!

xo, Lindey Shores

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