Bathroom Cupboard: Spray Bottle

Here is another tip from my “In My Bathroom Cupboard” series, which details the items I use each day in creating my girls hairstyles. From the video tutorials on my hairstyles, I get quite a few questions asking if my girls’ hair is wet. Honestly, most often it is… albeit only damp.

I find that working with damp hair when braiding or twisting helps keep the hair uniform and more manageable. It is easier to comb through, but it also helps prevent flyers and allows you to keep the hair style ‘tighter’ and more crisp. When you are done with the hairstyle, a gentle spritz of hairspray can help keep the hairstyle that way. The next question often asked when I respond to those asking is, “Which hairspray bottle do you use?”

Spritz Bottles

Like most of you, I often used the small spray water bottles (like those pictured above) one can find at stores like WalMart, Target, Walgreen’s, or any other box store. I quickly found that these spray bottles lose their pump ability after awhile, or that my kids chew on the pump straw or the nozzle gets clogged. Obviously, they were not designed for years and years of daily use. I would have to replace these bottles every six months or so.

Hairstyles Water Bottle

One day while my hubby and I were shopping at Home Depot, we spotted a package of three industrial spray bottles in the cleaner section. They are sold empty, so you know that the bottles are sterile and clean.

We purchased a 3 pack and have been using them ever since! I have found that the mist spray is wider than the traditional bottles, which means that 3-4 spritzes gets the hair damp rather than pumping 7+ times with the smaller bottles. (One downside is that the bottle walls suck in a little after several days of use. I find that I have to twist open the lid for a second to let air back in so that the bottle keeps its shape.)

I hope you all enjoyed this little tip!  Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. I have really thick and knotty hair and i wanted to know if you know something i can put on my hair becasue it takes me 1 whole hour to brush my hair and it hurts.

  2. I love your videos but im the one trying to do them to my own hair … are there any easy things to do just to add a lil somthing to my hair wen its straight down?

  3. I know this water bottle post is old but I was going through different hair posts to see what my daughter(11) liked & bookmarking ones we would use during school and saw it. Ok, with the water bottles do you ever have problems with the water getting stale/stinky? I’ve noticed this (well after my kids complained)and didn’t know if you had any solutions. P.s. love you site. I follow several hair blogs and really like that you have so many tween styles. My daughter is going into middle school this year (they start Thursday YIKES!) and is starting to get picky about what she lets me do. She likes looking at the youtube videos & getting to choose herself.

  4. First of all THANK YOU for posting hairdo’s. Another suggestion for a spray bottle is an old hairspray bottle. I use an old Suave Kids Hairspray bottle, It works fine.

  5. Hi! I just wanted to say THANKS for posting up your videos/pictures/tutorials/ideas etc etc etc…. I JUST found your site and I am in LOVE with it! I was glued to your YouTube channel last night and I already tried out two of your techniques on my two daughters before school this morning! They were both huge hits and I had happy girls walking out the door… 😉 (And I HAVE to get myself one of those topsy tail tools… how I hadn’t heard of those before I have no idea… but they are fantastic!) Thanks again!

  6. Hi!
    Thank you so much for all the WONDERFUL hairstyles and tips that you take the time to write! They are amazingly helpful.
    I was wondering if you might write the post on modeling soon? This is something I am very, very curious about and would love all the information I could get!

  7. I’ve been searching your past do’s and love the Tween Twists into a Messy Bun. Can you do a video of the twists? I have trouble following the pictures. Thanks!

  8. I love that idea! Gonna put those on my list for the next time I go to Home Depot.

    BTW…I got the gift card in the mail! THANKS! All I need to do now is decide what I want to use it on. 😉

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