Tips and Tricks: A Flower/Bow Wall

A Flower/Bow Wall
Items Needed: A few feet of ribbon, plastic O-rings, 3M sticky hooks
Total Cost:  About $5.

When I do my girls hair, I often use flowers or bows to add a little pizzazz (as you may have noticed). However, one problem I am always running into is how to STORE all of those flowers and bows. I don’t have tons of drawer space in the bathroom and do not like that the bows and flowers gett all bent out of shape or crushed.

So… I created a flower/bow wall in my girls’ room. This wall sits directly behind a bedroom door so isn’t easily viewed by everyone. It does, however, create a great “safe” place for my flowers/bows.  I even place it high enough that my 1-year old cannot reach them!

If you want to make the ribbon holders here’s how:

Close up of A Flower/Bow Wall

  • Get a couple of feet of ribbon, in any color of choice. I think the 1″ grosgrain works the best. (The grosgrain texture seems to hold the hair clips better.)
  • Buy a couple of “O” rings (the plastic circles at the top of the ribbon)
  • Wrap the ribbon through the O ring and secure by either sewing or hot glue. (Heck, even staples would work!)
  • Buy a few of the 3M wall stickies (can’t remember what they are called) at Walmart or Target. They are double sided stickies… one side sticks to the wall, the other side sticks to the little hook (see picture if confused).
  • Now hang the O ring off the hook and voila! you have a great place to hang bows and flowers.

**As a side note:  I use the 3M stickies all the time and have never had a problem with them coming off the wall without peeling paint. There is a little tab you pull and they just peel off.

Happy crafting and organizing!

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  1. We made these for my 3 girls a few years ago but instead of hanging from a shower hook, we bought the wooden letters from Hobby Lobby that people use as room decorations (I think they are 4″-5″). We used two grosgrain ribbons (one about 1 in., the other 1/2″) of different colors. We laid the smaller ribbon on top and sewed them (horizontally) at about 1 ft. intervals. This allows you to attach shower hooks to hold hair ties as well. To finish, we attached the top of the combined ribbons to the back of the letter, attached a fancy bow and jewels to the letter as decorations, and voila, a very cute, personalized bow/pony tail holder!

  2. I make headbands the name of my biz is bouquet boutique i make headbands clips hats and so much more it is so fun i have a clip board like the one you have to hang all my headbands up:)

  3. Now why couldn’t I have known about this when I was reorganizing my dresser yesterday? I don’t have many clips though, and only a few are not flat, so they seem good enough in a box. My bigger concern is headbands. Please Mindy, anything would be better than piling them on the table.

  4. These are great. For my daughters other hair stuff we use tackel boxes (the ones with adjustable dividers). I can organize things by kind of item and colors. Makes getting ready much faster.

  5. AWESOME IDEA!!! Just made it for the first time it was so easy. Now please pleeeeaase…any ideas for keeping headbands?

  6. I do this too! IT makes it so easy to find the bow that matches Bs outfit in the morning! However I have way more bows I realized after seeing yours I NEED more flowers (:

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