August 21, 2009

Tips & Tricks #11: Sunburn in Parts…

I received a question on our Facebook Page asking what recommendations I have to prevent sunburn in the parts of a hairdo.

Each of us knows how bad these sunburns can hurt, especially when we try to run a comb or brush through it the next day. Plus, when it peels — who wants to look like we or our DD’s have dandruff??? All of this is compounded on hairdo’s that use multiple parts! Ouch!!! I have tried many solutions, including:

* Using spray sunscreen in the part (can look greasy over the head).
* Dabbing sunscreen on with your finger or a Q-Tip along the part.

Each of these do work, but here is my easiest and personal favorite form of sunscreen application …

Sunscreen StickA Sunscreen Stick!

Yes, it looks like you are applying an Elmer’s Gluestick to your DD’s head… and you may get some stares, but it really works nicely! Plus, it is easier to carry around one of these tiny sticks instead of a huge can of spray sunscreen or a bottle of sunscreen lotion.

There are various Sun Protection Factors (SPFs) out there, but I believe the strongest I have seen in a stick is 50 SPF. Banana Boat (seen above) and Coppertone both have a stick with this strength. You really do want the highest SPF in the part because it receives so much direct sunlight beating down on it throughout the day.


1. Hold the stick at an angle so the corner of the actual sunscreen can be run along the part.

2. Now you will have some sunscreen residue sticking to the hair, but you simply run your finger along the part to press it down into the scalp. By this action, you are also wiping off the residue on top of the hair all at the same time!

Try it out and let me know how it works!

Happy Hairdoing!

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