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I gave a big Fab to these wave makers after getting some great curls with my daughter Paisley’s hair. We have very different hair textures, though, so I wanted to see if they had the same great results on my hair and still completely heat-free.

I used the 20-inch length sleeves on my medium-long hair and still had plenty of room to spare. 

I recommend dividing your hair into bigger sections first. Lightly mist each section as you go and run some curling cream through to keep those curls smooth. Take a one-inch strand of hair and twist it tight to the root. Hold the hair at the root, weave the rod through the wavy fabric and then hook it on the hair as close to the root as possible. Then just pull it through so it’s in the sleeve and keep going until all your hair is covered.

You do have a little control over how the hair will sit when you’re all done. You can play around with how your hair will part and how the curls will come off of your head. I preferred having the curl go out and down away from my scalp, but you can see what works best for you. 

You can sit under a dryer if you want to speed the process up, but I let mine air dry for the total heat-free experience. 

I do have to say that one of the best things about these is how easily your hair slides out. There is absolutely NO pulling. 

The Results

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Similar to Paisley’s hair, the curls were kind of stuck together, but it’s an easy fix. Just go through and pull them apart with your fingers, or flip your head upside down and run your fingers through your scalp to separate them and then style how you want!

Note: I ended up using three bags of the wave makers, so definitely make sure you don’t just buy one pack.

These again get two thumbs up! Not only did I get great curls, but I didn’t have to use any heat AND they’re inexpensive. Bonus! It was also fun to experiment on different textures of hair and find out they had fabulous results for both.

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  1. My hair looks to be similar thickness and length. How long did it take you to put all these in? I use curlformers on my 5-yr-old and it takes at least 30 minutes!

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