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I am on a recent mission to provide those of you moms some more simple, yet cute, mommy hairdos!  I mean, we make our girls look cute… but sometimes we forget about ourselves!  Actually, girls of all ages can use this, and it literally takes one minute to complete!

Side view of the Single Twistback Hairstyle

We call this the Single Twistback, and it can be used to switch up the French Front hairstyle that you are seeing everywhere right now.  I show two ways to finish it off, but you can really use your own imagination and see where it goes!

Excited woman modeling Single Twistback Hairstyle

{Yeah, I can’t really hide it!  I am still sooooo excited about being named as a finalist in the YouTube contest above!  My girls keep asking me where we stand in the voting (it is close), I think the twins are maybe more “into” this friendly competition than I am!  Now, back to the hairstyle…}

Items Needed: Rat-tail comb, one rubber hair band, two small bobby pins

Time Requirement: 1-2 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

You can view all the many wonderful video responses and comments here!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. I love your hairstyle I wont to now how to do a sock bun. will you please do a sock bun/or it mess with the sock bun please and thank you. so very much 🙂

  2. This is really super cute I love all the hairstyles u do and if u would do more short hairstyles that would be amazing and very much appreciated thanks so much <3 🙂

  3. Thanks for this video. I realize it’s last year so I hope you won the contest. 🙂 Do you have any videos on things to do with short hair (short mom hair, I’m 36)? I’m growing mine out and would love to do something other than the round brush flat iron thing every day. Right now my hair is a short short bob (just barely was able to start flat ironing the hair by my ears instead of tucking it). But I’m growing bangs out too. They are to my lips. Thanks in advance. 🙂 Love, love, love your blog.

  4. can i just say your girls are so pretty and look identical to you! your hair styles are amazing and have helped me out loads!

  5. Sorry about that, What hair styles do you have for her! I mean, i have a cuple girls of my owen and there hair isnt growing fast and i need some tips to impress my girlfriends, when we have play days! Any ideas??

  6. I love all the different hair styles you show. However you did a seen were you showed your children off, and the youngest besides the new baby girl! ” quite beautiful, by the way”. But the one with short hair.

  7. I can’t believe people are leaving you such bad comments. Don’t let them get to you. I LOVE your site and all your tips for hairstyles. Thank you!

  8. Super cute!!! Thanks for all your great hairstyle ideas, my dd just loves them and we’re branching out to her cousins now. Once again, thanks from a happy hairdoing family in Australia!! (The nasty comments are unfortunate and unexpected though)

  9. I like how simple yet cute this hairstyle is!!(: and stupid trash talkers >:( don’t worry we’ll show them!! You’ll win!! I have voted on my iPhone, my mom’s and my dad’s iPhones, my brother’s iTouch, and on all my family member’s accounts on all of our computers! I have also texted and emailed a bunch of my friends asking them to vote and to ask other people to vote! I am DETERMINED for you to win!!!(:

  10. You always have some great ideas. I cant believe how rude people are being and cussing on your videos. Dont they realize you are a family friendly site and have young children that could possibly end up seeing this stuff? Anyhow I am sure your not gonna let the comments get you down because you seem better than that. hope you win.

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