Tips & Tricks #10: Trim the Ends with a Haircut

Yesterday I took all five girls (myself included) in for haircuts. I love that!!! Everyone’s hair was just getting too long and shaggy. It is always so nice to start with fresh cuts and nice healthy hair. And when you find a lady that does a great job for $5-10 a cut… you just can’t beat it!

So here is the Tip & Trick:

Make sure you trim your hair once in awhile. Everyone’s hair is so different, therefore it is hard to state a definite timeline (like “every 6 months”). So I will simply say, when your tips/ends begin looking raggedy/split/dry/or difficult to comb through….it’s time to go in.

OR if it is getting more and more difficult to make cute do’s due to length… it’s time to go in.

Happy Hairdoing!

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