Tips & Tricks #13: Winter Hair Care…

Child playing in the snow With the brunt of the winter season already here, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some winter hair-care tips. These are some that I use, and a few that were recently shared with me.

Best 6 Winter Hair-Care Tips

1.) Although you may not shampoo your daughter’s hair every day… do use conditioner daily if possible. There are quite a few good spray-in’s available if you do not want to do the full-on tub or sink conditioning. With the cold weather, which tends to have very little humidity, it is important to always keep the hair moisturized to prevent breakage.

2.) When rinsing the hair, do so with cool or cold water (you will for sure want to do this in the sink rather than the shower!). This process will help provide extra shine on the hair, promote good cuticle health, as well as lock in moisture.

3.) If at all possible, dab-dry the hair as much as you can with a towel without rubbing the head and hair as we often tend to do. As mentioned in a previous tip, use low heat when drying hair with a blowdryer and provide a cold shot of air from the dryer when you are done.

4.) This goes without saying, but DO NOT go outside with wet hair. In these freezing temperatures, this will certainly damage the hair. Our hair is full of ridges and texture, so when water enters those tiny little cracks and freezes, it expands and places unwarranted stress on the hair. This problem is compounded especially if your daugther is active while she is outside (even if she wears a hat)!

5.) Always put a hat on your daughter when she goes outside. Also, if she has long hair… have her wear a scarf, and wrap it around the neck AND hair. This will protect the hair from the cold, wind, and melting snowflakes that could then refreeze on the hair.

6.) One question you may have… “by having my daughter wearing a hat whenever we go outside, what can I do for her hair when I take the hat off while shopping, at church, or in a restaurant, etc? Her hair is all over the place with static and flyers.” Whenever possible, use cotton hats which do not leave as much static as other materials. For what static remains, a simple solution is to carry around with you a few unscented dyer sheets (Bounce, Downy, Snuggle, etc.) in a zip-loc bag. Simply take one out and gently glide the sheet from the top of the head down to the bottom of the strands. Flyaways go away! You will love this tip!

Feel free to share others you may have in the comments section! Happy Holidays!

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