Tips & Tricks #2: Use Good Hairstyle Products

The trick in doing great hairstyles is to have the hair looking healthy and conditioned. The best way to get such wonderful hairdo’s is to use dependable products. In fact, when doing girls hair it is really important to find the best products that work for you.

I am on a budget with five kids so I try to find affordable, yet reliable styling products.

Water for wetting down the hair is always a good idea. I am also a big fan of hairspray as well… in particular, I like RAVE 4x MEGA hairspray. For very fine hair, which tends to fall out, I use the Got2B Glued Gel or Got2B Blasting Freeze Spray. For extra loose spots or little fly-aways, try using a good Pomade to help smooth and hold in place.

Got2b Glued Gel, Got2b freeze spray, Got2b pomadeSpray water bottle, Rave hair sprayWhatever your choice of products, make sure they are good, work well, and USE them!!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. could u put a tab that says topsy turvy bcuz i recently got 1 and im having trouble finding the vids involving it. thx,

    C. Smith

  2. I noticed in one video your daughter’s hair was really shiny. Do you use a shine spray or anything?

  3. Where do you buy your ribbons and flowers? I have noticed that they’re really cute, and I have looked everywhere but can’t find good ones!

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