October 04, 2008

Tips & Tricks #3: Frayed Hair Ribbons

Using ribbon in hair is always a fun, easy way to spice up hairstyles. It is easy to make your own with ribbon from a fabric store. But homemade ribbons often fray at the ends leaving long, fuzzy, yucky strings.

To prevent this, take a lighter and gradually move it closer to the end of the ribbon (do not go too close). At about 1/2 inch away, the ribbon frays will begin to shrink and form a nice solid, sealed line. It will never fray again!

(Warning: Do not do this while the ribbon is in the hair… I do it in this photo because I forgot… plus, I am a trained professional!!!)

One other option is to use clear nail polish to seal the ends. This creates a hard finish that will not allow the ribbon ends to fray.

Happy Hairdoing!

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