Tips & Tricks #7: My Favorite Comb and Brush

Rat's tooth comb and Goody Ouchless brush

I have a favorite comb and brush that I use. The comb I love is called a “Rat’s Tail” comb, and looks like the above picture (as you can see I need a new one! LOL). Most hairstylists use this type of comb. You can get them at Sally’s or any other hair product store, however you CANNOT get them at Walmart or Target (I’ve checked many times). The point on the end makes parting and sectioning the hair so easy. Sometimes I use the comb as a clip and hold pieces of hair into place for a second…. you get the idea.

The brush I love is called an “Ouchless” brush, by Goody. You can get it at Walmart or Target for just a few bucks and they come in a variety of colors. Instead of having rubber on the inside of the brush under the bristles, it has plastic. This makes for TONS less tangles and pulling. My girls won’t let me touch them with any other brush because they swear this one doesn’t hurt.

Happy Hairdoing!

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