Tips & Tricks #9: Different Hair Types

I have had a lot of comments/questions/concerns over this topic. People often ask me if my hair do’s will work for people with shorter, thinner, stick straight hair. My answer is YES, YES, and DOUBLE YES!

I obviously can’t speak for EVERY type of hair in the universe, but I would say that most often–my do’s will work. Let me explain…

I have four daughters. I would say I have three different types of hair to deal with. The twins hair is longish (past their shoulders) and relatively thick. Over the years I have seen truly THICK (as in almost horse hair thick) and my girls aren’t that. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the thickest) I would say they are an 8. K (my middle daughter) has long, stick straight, fine, wispy, hair. Out of a 10 she is only about a 5. R (the youngest) has short, A-lined, straight, thick hair. Out of a 10 she is about a 7.

So you can see that I sit on the thicker end of the scale. HOWEVER I have done tons of hair over the years. Including do’s on my nieces that have fine, thin hair. I have yet to find a type of hair that I can’t do my hair ideas on.

The biggest difference is that on fine, thin, hair that tends to fall out (like K’s) you have to use PRODUCT! For example…if I were doing the same do on all three girls, on the twins I would use water and hairspray. But on K I would use water, a little hairspray, and some spray gel or pomade. (for pictures of the products I use click here) Most of you probably already know this, but dirty, day-old hair usually styles better. This is because the dirt, hairspray, sweat, and oil naturally give texture to your hair strands that help it hold styles better. So by introducing product you are basically making thin, fine, hair more likely to stay in place.

My suggestion would be to try the hairstyles with product. Wet the hair down before styling. Find what works for your DD and what works for her hair. I personally know that K does better with styles that are either braided, banded, or twisted up near her face. The hair is just more likely to stay put. Things like ponytails in back leave too much wiggle room for her hair to fall out during the day. Unless I use product and wet her hair down. So just try out different things and find the best, most optimal styles for your DD. Hope that helps!

Happy Hairdoing!

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