How to Make Feather Headbands

August 03, 2011

In our last Daddy ‘Do hairstyle, Four-Strand Ponytail, my husband showed a feather headband that we had made.  We received so many comments asking us how to make these headbands, so we decided to film a tutorial for you all.

How to make Feather Headbands

I first bought one off of Etsy a year ago for between $16-20, and I loved it… but one day while browsing through Hobby Lobby, I saw that they sold pre-glued feather patches.  I was sooooo excited!  And they were listed at $3.99 each, however I bought them on sale for half that price.  I have since seen that Michael’s also sells them.

I then bought a 3-pack of wire headbands that were listed at $2.99, but were also on sale for half price.  The felt material I already had, so all we needed was a hot-glue gun and a pair of scissors…

Items needed to make Feather Headband

I recognize that feathers as accessories may not be ideal for everyone, but they certainly are a trend right now.

I figure that I had less that $4 into each headband, which is far less expensive than $16 or so online!  Plus, it can be a fun craft to do with your darling daughters!  I now have six different headband styles that we have made.

{As I taught my my best friend Jenny how to make these headbands, she showed me how to make cute feather earrings.  Feel free to check out her tutorial on YouTube!}

Items Needed: Feather patch, scissors, felt, simple wire headband, hot-glue gun.

Time Requirement: 5 minutes

Skill Level:  Medium {with parental supervision}

If you felt that this tutorial was helpful, please do let us know!  Happy Hairdoing!

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22 thoughts on “How to Make Feather Headbands

  1. at hobby lobby i found the cutest feather hair clips i loved them they are just like the headbands except with smaller clips. I cant wait until i get to show off my headbands Monday ! thanks soo much mindy

  2. Hola creo que todos los peinados son lindos y fáciles de hacer. Saludos y felicidades por la familia yo también tengo 4 niñas. Saludos

  3. Terrific!! I made 3 headbands with feathers on them. Since I was at Hobby Lobby I looked around and decided to make some flower and butterfly clips to hook on headbands. What Fun!!! Thanks so much!

  4. Hey! I love those headbands! On “Do’s to Choose” website the bump-it thing with the bangs I couldn’t figure out how to do it with just the pictures so if you would do a video I would be eternally grateful!!!!!!!!!! (: Thanks!!!!

  5. hello! uhhhh…. on the “do’s to choose” blog the bump-it hairstyle i couldnt figure out by pictures so if you would do a video on that i would be eternally grateful. (: thanks!!! p.s. love the headbands!!!!!

  6. So cute! My girls actually hate to have their hair done so most days they just wear headbands. On Sundays though I put my foot down and make them hold still for 10 minutes while I torture them. And of course I get most of my inspiration from your site. Thanks!

  7. Hey Mindy – I went right out to Michael’s today and they didn’t have squat at my location! :-( I will be making a trip to Hobby Lobby asap! THANKS!

  8. Thanks for sharing,Mindy! Those are uber cute!! Is the red feather that you used in your other hair tutorial a pre-made feather clump as well and just glued to a clip? Or did you glue all the feathers by hand? That clip is super cute too! I can’t wait to get to the craft store! :)

  9. A huge trend right now is similar–feather extensions! Two of my girls just got one. I have 5 girls and 1 boy, so I was looking for a way to do it myself for the other girls, since it is $10 a feather. Do you know of a good place to buy them? I’ve looked a little on-line, but there is so much of it out there and some only sell to salons, so it is a little confusing.

  10. Could you please post some hairstyles that could also work for thick hair? I tried some of your styles on her hair, but it just didn’t work as well. I love all the ideas and I think I will try some of them on my friend!!!

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