September 21, 2010

Cute Teen Bun | Updo Hairstyles

I have received quite a few requests for me to show exactly how to do this elegant bun hairstyle, in the form of a video tutorial. Not a problem at all.  As you will see, this hairstyle does not appear as complicated as our Cute Tween Bun photo tutorial may make it seem…

Tween Bun Updo

You can see that this bun is very elegant, and is perfect for Homecoming hairstyles, Prom hairstyles, for ballet, or any other fancy occasion.  You may choose to accessorize it, or leave it as is.  Now, as you watch the tutorial… notice how the roll-ups take on a somewhat “floral” look after they are bobby pinned.  It is almost like the bun appears like a tropical flower whose petals are wrapping back.  It is beautiful, isn’t it?  As such, this hairdo would also be wonderful as a flower girl hairstyle.

Items Needed: Rat-tail comb, one hairband, several bobby pins (large or small, depending on hair), hairspray, accessory (if desired.)

Time Requirement: Approximately 8-10 minutes.

Skill Level: Medium

If you like this style, be sure to let us know!  Happy Hairdoing!

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  • Ashley

    I LOVE this hairstyle. Speaking of which I LOVE that dress she has on WHERE DID YOU GET IT ? I need to have it !!!!!!!!!! <3.



  • Giulia

    What kind of hair spray do you use???

  • Weronika

    You are amazing! Id love yours braids. thank u ;))

  • i love watching your videos but seems like i cant do it myself it takes you about 5 min. to do a french braid it takes me 2 hours to do a french braid i love your daughters hair i wish i had your skill btw u have beutiful daughters

  • sorry wrote it twice.HaHaHa

  • Am I the only one who thinks this hairstyle looks super complicated for a bun?

  • Am I the only one who thinks this hairstyle looks pretty complicated for a bun?Easpecialy sence I am suuper bad at bobby pining.

  • Linnea

    Really good one, thanks! There’s one thing though, I wish there were more than three posts on a page.

  • Rose

    Very cute style – if you need a flower, check out Polkadotposies

  • mmmmm….
    I think its really cute really awesome and pretty but it would not be the perfect hairstyle for school you will need extra security:)

  • alyssa

    this is awesome i am always looking for hair do’s for my ice skating competitions love your hair do’s bye

  • Rute

    Hi! I love this site and the hairstyles are fantastic. I have an ocasion that is not too formal and I do not know if this hairstyle is appropriate … can you give me your opinion?

  • Love this we do this style with a jumbo curling iron and then pull iron out and put in bobby pins gives you the soft look without having to finger roll it. Love it.

  • Ella Goose Guy

    OMG u rock. I think that u r a hair stylest because most mom’s
    could nt do what u can do.
    u rock.
    see u soon.

  • Camille

    It’s soooo PRETTY!!! I love it, I’m doing it for church on Sunday 🙂

  • Vivs

    Hi! I iust love this hairstyle!! But i cant do it to myself cause i have pretty thick hair and so… Can u do some more hairstyles?? … Summer hairstyles … I would really love it !! Thnks! 🙂 love … Vivs

  • Trina

    I just found your website and I think I’m officially in love! I have 3 girls, two of which are twins. They are loving all of the new hairstyles I am now able to do…it makes them feel great! they are also pretty easy to do to my two year old, which is a miracle. THANK YOU!

  • Marcy

    MINDDYY GUURLL! i looovee love LUV your hairstyles!! the sheets in the background are so classy and mood setting, they tie your own appearance together of your skilled hair up-doing ! i watch your videos and posts for hours on end, fastinated by your craftsmanship and hair care!! can you post videos on how to do this stuff to your OWN hair?! i know, daring right?? but i KNNOWW you can do it! yayy mindy!! keep posting!!
    ill be watchinngggg (: ps are you on facebook ??

  • Alycia

    Oh my gosh!!! Thank you soooooooo much! I have three girls and had no clue about how to do their hair other than a plain pony tail, braid and a regular french braid. I just found your site and everything is soo easy to understand. I used this bun for my DD’s first daddy daughter dance. I looooved it, it was so easy. Thank you so much!!!

  • Leia

    Your daughter is so pashint and she is also so luck to have a creative and talented mom like you.

  • Julia

    i dont particlarly like it

  • your awesome and the hair styles are so cute so are your kids please keep making videos for me!!

  • Mary

    We’ve done lots of your hairstyles but I’ve never commented before. My dd’s are 11 and 8. Today we did this hairstyle on the 11 yo. I was able to keep right up with the video, which is unusual for me! Anyway, she loved it and it looked great at church! Thanks!

  • Louise Campbell

    Hi, I love your hairstyles! My Mum isnt very good at doing hair so I tried this one on my own, When I showed my Mum I asked her to take a picture to show me what it looked like. I was really shoocked by the finishing touch, you see it did look quite good, so this shows that if a 11 year old girl, who is terrible at hair, can do it then anyone can…

  • Noel

    I used this as the “up-do” for my 6 year old, who was a flower girl. I was able to recreate it in about 15 minutes, having never done it before. The hardest part was starting the rolls. LOVED having the video. Thanks for posting. It looked professionally done and she received lots of compliments.

  • Angie

    Love this! What a wonderful mom you are! Love all of your pics and videos! My dd is 12 and we love your site. I’m not very good at doing hair but we love to look! Thanks for all of you hard work!

  • I did this for dance and it stayed in even through all that moving around and stuff. I also have a hairblog called

    Your dd is so stinkin cute!!!!!

  • Jill

    Hey I love your hairstyles as you probably know! im 13 and I practice on my cousin (same age) all the time! I was wondering could you do a hairstyle where you could show us how to do flowers or how to make them.

  • Angie

    I love this hairstyle. My daughter (6) and I spend hours looking at your dos. Thanks for sharing.

  • I love this style! I’ve known the theory behind it for a while, but it’s really nice to actually see it in action. Thanks so much for your videos, they’re very helpful!

  • leah

    Very nice! I do this often on my hair…it works great with all lengths/thinknesses of hair…

  • Veronica C.

    This is really pretty. I was able to do it when you posted it without the video. I have done it on my 10 year old’s hair and even my own hair. My husband actually commented that my hair looked cool.. LOL

  • Mandy

    So cute! Your daughter is absolutely adorable. She is gorgeous!!

  • Audra

    So cute! I might try it on myself!

  • Tia

    Hi,i’m Tia.I’m 9 years old and I love your hairstyles.I beg my mom to do them.I was just wondering,how do you get your girls’ hair so long,and in the family intro where did you get #2’s outfit?

  • shandie

    this is so pretty but my favorite thing is her watch lol it goes perfectly with her fancy dress haha 😉

  • Darci

    Thank you for your great videos!! I have loved watching how you do your little girls hair. It always looks so easy and super adorable. I have learned many simple tricks and tips! I hope you are able to keep posting lots of videos–they are fabulous!