March 31, 2016

Wear Flare

Hey friends!

Excited to share with you some vibes coming back from the 70s. As you’ve probably seen by now, models have been strolling the streets with their variety of chokers and if you saw any New York fashion week, then you know that platforms are making a major comeback as well. High-waisted pants and ruffles galore are some of the gems to look out for in the stores.

If you’re unsure of wearing something that comes up to your mid-belly, or spraining your ankle, then rock some flares instead. Flares or (bell-bottoms) are returning and no one is less sure of me wearing them than my husband. But like they say, girls dress for girls, right? Well, hopefully you dress for yourself to be creative and influential.

Here are some great flares if you dares (see what I did there?) to wear this season. Pair them with platforms for the real deal, flats to settle it down or sandies because duh, it’s almost summer.

I recently snagged this pair at Old Navy that I’m pretty craze about, craze because they’re flaring up a storm more dramatically than ever. They make me want to dance and prance and perfect every move that John Travolta ever boogied on the dance floor. I styled them with three quick looks that are easy to throw together and saucy for a day or night.

Flare Jeans | Fashion Flare Jeans | 70's Fashion

Letting it flow with a beach caftan and some heels for a good balance of style.

Flare Jeans | Leopard Shirt Flare Jeans | Leopard Shirt

Styling them with ruffles on top, surely does some throwback good.

Flare Jeans | Layered Shirt Flare Jeans | Layered Shirt

Pair them with a layered top, bangles and a belt to intermix the 90s.

Not only are flares a refreshing flavor to our denim, but finding a pair that’s high-waisted can ease all your crop top needs.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post and thanks for reading! I’m loving these flashback styles and I hope you’re embracing pieces of them too.


For more styling tips, check out Lindsey Shores!






  • Claire Summers

    I love flares and am so glad they are coming back! SO cute!

  • Megan Darbonne

    Love this

  • Madzz

    The best

  • Jennie

    Only some people can pull off this look, and Lindsey’s one of them! Flares definitely do NOT work for me, lol.

  • Saartje Van den Bossche

    I’ve loved this kind of jeans for ever, just until now it was a real pain to find them in stores where I live. So happy these are becomming more popular!

  • Donna Grant

    i like the first outfit, especially the cardigan!

  • celeste

    So cute,loving the shirts

  • Cilla

    Love it!❤️😊

  • Kimmy Michelle

    I LOVE that the 70’s style is coming back! All my clothes will look current now!

  • Thomas Wojdyla

    very cute,i like this outfit

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  • Rae Leonard

    I love this. Flare jeans have always been my favorite, so it is really nice to see them coming back finally

  • Dortheah

    Love! Love! Love!❤️

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    This is something for my wife! 🙂

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    I’m OBSESSED with the 70’s!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVVVVVVVEE!!!!

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    Love the look

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    Super cute

  • joni metcalf

    Love flare jeans!

  • Pat S

    I’m really into kimonos for cover-ups so I love the first outfit.

  • ㋡Brianna Atkinson㋡

    Those jeans are super cute!

    • Lindsey Shores

      I LOVE them, they’re from Old Navy and are totally affordable, check them out! xo

  • Cynthia Zhang

    I love the 70’s vibe!

    • Lindsey Shores

      Same here, glad to be in good company! xo

  • Beauty.03

    Love the flare with the kimono!

    • Lindsey Shores

      Thanks! It’s such an airy and fun way to wear multiple pieces with flow. xo

  • Francesca

    Loving this outfit

    • Lindsey Shores

      Thanks so much and for reading! xo

  • اميره عبدالعزيز

    My favorite post

    • Lindsey Shores

      Oh wow, thank you!! Glad to have some readers here 🙂

  • Christina Stevenson

    Love the 70’s look !!!

    • Lindsey Shores

      Hey, me too! xox

  • Jasmine

    Loving the 70s, looks like fashion is repeating himself and its great!

    • Lindsey Shores

      Yup, fashion is always always repeating, repeating itself 🙂 seriously though, hold onto pieces you know are timeless because there will always be a time to wear them again 🙂

  • Avital Frank

    Love it!!

    • Lindsey Shores

      Thanks so much Avital! xo

  • Alyona

    I love it. My cousin grew up wearing this style!

    • Lindsey Shores

      So exciting, right?! That’s so fun, hopefully you can score with some hand-me-down’s then! xxo

  • Mya Harr

    Ppl thought these styles were going to be fads , its great to see em back

    • Lindsey Shores

      Exactly, so fun to have them coming back in full swing!

      • Mya Harr


  • Miranda benson

    I’ve always loved flare jeans so glad they’re coming back into style!

    • Lindsey Shores

      Bust them out my friend, excited to see more like em’! xo

  • Its the style I grew up wearing. 🙂

    • Lindsey Shores

      Well hopefully you hung onto some great gems then?!

  • Fabioola Parral

    Love it 💕

    • Lindsey Shores

      Thanks so much Fabioola! xxo

  • Haley Karshna

    I think I like the first one the best.

    • Lindsey Shores

      Thanks! I thought it was a good combo too 🙂

  • Alyssa Niehaus

    love all the adorable flare 😇💞

    • Lindsey Shores

      Thanks Alyssa! xxo

  • Emily Gwydir

    Love it

    • Lindsey Shores

      Thanks for reading Emily 🙂

  • Lisbeth

    I like the ideas, and hey can you please can do something with shorts or with dresses?

    • Lindsey Shores

      Keep your eyes peeled and I may have just the thing coming up Lisbeth 🙂

  • Bo

    So beautiful and cute ! 🙂

    • Lindsey Shores

      Thanks Bo!

  • Bailey Clark

    Flared jeans are so cute! I love the 70’s vibes

    • Lindsey Shores

      Same here, so exciting to wear some boho again! xxo

  • Tibebe S. Biru

    I like the first look so much.

    • Lindsey Shores

      Thanks Tibebe, it was fun to put together 🙂

  • S VL


    • Lindsey Shores

      Right back atchya! xxo

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    • Lindsey Shores

      Thanks Karolina :))))

  • mikayla | invisible

    awesome style for people who love the 70’s

    • Lindsey Shores

      For sure, thanks for reading! xxo

  • Christina Stevenson


    • Lindsey Shores

      Love back to you Christina!

  • Olivia Howe

    ❤ this

    • Lindsey Shores

      Hey thanks so much!!

  • Lisa Abbott Torres

    Yep I am a 70’s girl too, LOVE my Flare, even if no one else gets it 🙂

    • Lindsey Shores

      Hahah LOVE the confidence and love the flare, keep it up! xox

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      Appreciate it! xox

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      Glad to hear it, thanks so much xox

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    Cute! Brings back the 70s vibe

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      For sure, so exciting, right?!

  • Bailey – baileytube15

    Yes! Ready to give these a try 🙂

    • Lindsey Shores

      Excited to hear that Bailey, let me know how it turns out! xox

  • ✿♪Talitha Bravo ☯∞

    I feel like flare Jean isn’t my style but I’m excited for it to come back

    • Lindsey Shores

      If you like it, then you must try it, it’s all about wearing what you like and rocking it with confidence 🙂

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  • Stephanie Roman

    This is sooo freaking cue

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      Thanks Stephanie, so nice of you to say so!! xo

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    this is cute!

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      Hey thx!!

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    Love the jeans!!

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      Me too! You can find these ones at Old Navy for a steal! xo

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    Love the chetah print shirt!!

    • Lindsey Shores

      Hey thanks!! I got it at Zara 🙂

  • Lisa Coomer Queen

    I love this! These jeans are awesome. Last weekend, I got my haircut and my husband looked and me and you bringing the 70’s back? Glad to know I am in style! lol

    • Lindsey Shores

      Haha you’re TOTALLY in style! I’d love to see your haircut, it sounds amazing 🙂

  • Live Nadia

    Love the jeans

    • Lindsey Shores

      Thanks friend! You can find them at Old Navy @livenadia:disqus

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    I have always been a big fan of the 70’s and held on to some of my flares, platforms and bangles! You look cute in those flares!

  • BeautyandAlex xxx

    I think that this is a great look for anyone who wants to break free from the typical skinny jean and go for something different

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    This is so cute im in love with the 70s,80s,90s, and cannot forget the 60s all my clothes is from literally from the thrift shop with turtlenecks, mom jeans, mom shorts, denim skirts, boot cut jeans and many more and my mom was born in the 70s so yeah theres a reason i love it

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    Sorry for the mistakes i’m portuguese btw.

    • Lindsey Shores

      Thanks for reading, and I’m so happy you love the 70s as well! It’s super exciting to wear the fashions again! xo

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    Oh, and I also love watching Millennial Moms, as well as CGH and Brooklyn and Bailey!

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