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As you all know, we are very passionate about adoption in our home! I have promised to share any potential adoption situations that I become aware of for those of you who are currently in the waiting process at various adoption agencies, or know of people who are…

Adoption is LOVE

I received this email from a very close family friend this morning, at the request of one of his closest friends. I entirely trust our family friend, who has been part of my church congregation for over 15 years and is now a Bishop in the LDS church. My guess is that these will be Utah placements, but if you live outside of Utah… feel free to inquire anyway.

If you are interested in adopting, or know of a family that is looking to adopt, please pass this information along to them!  I have seen the photos of these children and they are all gorgeous!

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Dear Friends,

As you know my wife Debbie and I have adopted three children from eastern Europe, two brothers (7 and 13 at the time) from Stravropol, Russia in 2005 and a 13 year-old girl from Mariupol, Ukraine in 2009. We have been very happy with these kids and they have bonded very well with our family.

Now we have the opportunity to bring 13 kids from Ukraine here to Utah to look for adoptive families. These kids are from the same Ukraine orphanage as our daughter. I am in the process of organizing their visit. That is why I am writing you. I am looking for potential families for these kids. The possible list of kids who will be traveling here includes 8 boys and 5 girls, including two sets of brothers, although one of the brothers is too young to travel to the US (see the list below). Their ages range from 5 to 14. The list of kids coming could change as we get closer to the time of their arrival. We expect them to be arriving in Utah on July 22 and staying until August 4. (The children’s photos, in PDF format, can be made available by email upon request).

Dmytro F. (Age 9)
Yevgen (Age 9)
Sergiy (Age 13)
Dmytro S. (Age 13)
Ruslan (Age 14)

Viktoriya R. (Age 6)
Yuliya (Age 7)
Viktoriya T. (Age 13)
Mariya (Age 14)
Tetiana (Age 14)

Siblings (all brothers)
Sergey & Maksym (Ages 13 & 5)
Volodymyr & Yuriy (Ages 13 & 6)

Typically when a family wants to adopt from a foreign country they meet with the adoption officials of that country. They are then given a referral of a child. The family then travels to the child’s orphanage and after meeting and spending time with the child the family then decides whether to adopt that child or not.

The benefit of this kind of adoption program is that the kids that are coming here have been hand picked by our adoption worker in Ukraine and the orphanage directors as the kids most likely to adapt and bond to an adoptive family. These kids aren’t selected by an adoption official in Kiev that has never seen let alone known the child but by someone who knows them very well and interacts them on a daily basis. A prospective adoptive family gets to spend time with the child here in the US. The family can host the child for a couple of days or longer in their own homes and see how the child adapts to them.

If you know of a family that might be interested in adopting one of these kids, please forward this email to them and have them contact me via email ([email protected]) or my cell phone (801) 259-7034.

Better yet, please forward this email to your email contact list and FaceBook friends. The more people that see this email the more likely potential adoptive families will be contacted. Even if you don’t think one of your contacts would be interested, please send this email to them anyway. They may know someone who might be interested.

Below are some statistics regarding orphans in Ukraine and why it is critical to find families for these kids:

  • After the age of 5, a Ukraine orphan only has a 20% chance to be adopted.
  • Orphans “graduate” from the system at the age of 16.
  • They will be homeless, alone and lacking the education necessary to provide for themselves.
  • 10% will have committed suicide by their 18th birthday.
  • 60% of the girls will end up in prostitution.
  • 70% of the boys will enter a life of crime.
  • Only 20% will find work.

And… over 80% of the children who come to the U.S. on hosting programs like the one we are doing with these kids meet families who adopt them!

As you can see from these statistics, the future of these kids is very bleak if they are not adopted. So anything you can do to help these kids find their “forever” families will have a life-changing impact on their lives!

But equally important, the families that adopt these kids will have a life-changing impact on their own lives as well. This has been the case for me, my wife and family. We are so grateful that we found three of our children through similar hosting programs.



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As always, there are inherant risks with any adoption so please know that we at Adopt a ‘Do – Cute Girls Hairstyles are simply informing you of available situations when they are available.

The successful or non-successful placement of any situation is completely out of our control.  Also, if you are considering adoption, it is a very good idea to be ‘homestudy ready’ so that you can quickly act when an ideal situation is placed before you.

All the best,

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  1. Family is necessary for every person, it has many benefits for the persons, children always enrich our lives, children are the world best teachers in our lives, having a family increases our self esteem, parents laugh more with their families.

  2. Family is necessary for every person, it has many benefits for the persons, children always enrich our lives, children are the world best teachers in our lives, having a family increases our self esteem, parents laugh more with their families.

  3. Hi Mindy,

    I am a mother of three beautiful children a boy, a girl and another boy, I love them so much!
    We live in the Netherlands.
    But I really feel that my family still isn’t complete.
    I want to give one child a life what my children have, I really want adopt a child but unfortunately we could afford to adopt, my husband lost his job 2 times now, and maybe in december he again will looses his job.

  4. I wish I could adopt 🙁 I’m only 12 and me and my mom are in a tough situation right now, But I just notciced this was posted on my bday last year lol

  5. My aunt and uncle adopted 5 sister in 2005 after having 5 of their own kids and then adopted another boy that they hosted in 2008 all from Ukraine. They did it through “Save a Child Foundation” and also my mother and father in law have adopted 2 sisters in 2008 and 1 boy in 2010. The childrens life are forever changed. My husband and I would love to adopt in a few years!

  6. We adopted our 9 year old from Ukraine eight months ago. We did a blind adoption, meaning we did not host her or receive any records about her. However, she was hosted Spain. Our family will be forever indebted to that family. They gave her something to look forward to during Christmas and summer breaks. They showed her love and what a family looks like. Her transition into our family has easy because God placed her in a great hosting family. Thanks for getting the word out!

  7. @barb, you can host as a single woman, but you can’t adopt from Ukraine… but not everyone hosts to adopt (we didnt start out to adopt, but ended up adopting the girl we hosted in the longrun). Ukraine (where these kids are from) passed a law a few years ago preventing singles from adopting. The US, Russia and a few others allow it though 🙂

  8. I live in AZ but I dont’ think that they do the hosting thing here. Questions, I am single and work from home. Would that disqualify me anyway. How do I find out if they do the hosting here in Arizona

  9. We hosted from Ukraine in 2009. We had no intentions of adopting, and certainly not a 9 year old. He had other plans. We got home in January with our Ukrainian cutie, now an American for life 🙂 Couldnt be happier!

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