Reverse French Front | Dutch Braids

A month or so ago we posted the Lauren Conrad French Front hairstyle video tutorial. Since that time, many of our followers have asked that I provide a tutorial for this same hairdo, but in reverse (outtie) or Dutch braiding style…

Side view of the Reverse French Front | Dutch Braids

Items Needed: Spray bottle, rat-tail comb, 1 clear elastic band.

Time Requirement:  3-5 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

You can view this video below.  Keep in mind, you can finish this hairstyle any number of ways.  You can tuck the braid under a down ‘do, like often seen, or you can wrap the braid into a fun ponytail (with accessories).   This is completely up to you.  It is a hairstyle that can be used on girls of all ages, moms included!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. I love this braid. I use it all the time, paired with all different styles. My favorite “swept back” look. 🙂

  2. Dear Mindy
    I’ve always been great at braiding just plain braiding after finding you on YouTube I have learned how to braid a French Braid, Cage Braid, Snake Braid, Wrap-Around Braid and more. But for some weird reason I can only do it on myself. Weird.

    Thanks so much for teaching me!!


  3. Is gorgeous and as easy as a french braid and it looks really great in my dark almost brown in my hair but im having trouble because im only 13 years and my mom doesnt like to comb my hair so please could you do iton yourself THANKS : )

  4. you are absolutely amazing i don’t know how you do all those hair styles. I can’t do most of them but i’ll keep tring!! thanks alot

  5. Hey Mindy!
    I absouluetly love your tutorials! I have one request tutorial. Could you please make a tutorial for reverse waterfall french braid? my hair is a very dark brown and is very flat so yoU cant see the waterfall braid. PLEASE!
    I love you Mindy!

  6. Do you have any suggestions for girls with thinner hair? Your girls seem to have such thick hair. Thanks

  7. Hey! I am 14 years old and I have a winter formal coming up. I have seen some of your videos and you are amazing. I have very curly hair, and for my dance i wanted to do a side bun that shows my curls. I was inspired by a Taylor Swift hairstyle. I would love if you could make a video for me as soon as possible. Thanks.

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