Curly Hairstyles: Beachy Curls

By popular request, I have included another curled hairstyle that I use on my girls (and often on me as well). This is a beachy-curled look that is very popular right now with teenagers and models… which I am non-suprisingly calling “Beachy Curls”.

There are many ways to get this curled look ( for example: Curlformers, Strawlers, heat, or rag curls, etc).  In this tutorial, I show how to do it quickly with a curling iron.

Rear View…
Back view of Beachy Curls

Due to time constraints on the video file size, I had already curled much of the hair and just left a small section undone for you to see exactly how it is that I get these curls.  (As always, please remember to use a good heat protectant whenever you use an iron! I used Suave’s Sleek Heat Protection Spray right before we filmed this. It simply helps protect the hair from damage and conditions it as well.)

Front View…
Portrait of young girl modeling Beachy Curls

Side View…
Side right view of Beachy Curls

Items Needed: Curling iron, heat protectant, hairspray (if deisired), and accessories (if desired).

Time Requirement:  15+ minutes, depending on hair.

Skill Level: Medium

If you like this hairstyle… be sure to let us know!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. My hair is naturally curly and people ask me “oh how did you do that?” and I’m like “my hair is naturally like this.” people are so jealous at my school when they don’t have that kind of hair and they take over 2 hours to do it.

  2. i love you and your family
    my familys names are kate me jane emma owen kim and eric
    we have two dogs and i want to tell you are ages to kate’s 11mon i am 10 emma’s 11 owen’s 15 my mom’s 41 and my dad’s 42

  3. I tried this today on myself (a mom). I curled my hair and then did a loose braid on either side of my head, then brought them to the back and pinned them there. It looks really cute, it has a bohemian look to it. I got so many compliments today when I picked my daughter up from school! Which was a first…I’m always getting compliments on my daughter’s hair these days thanks to you!

  4. I’ve always loved (& still do at 31) having fun with braids, twists, etc. Now that I’have a baby girl (8mo), I’m ecstatic to find your site & look forward to doing my daughter’s & my hair. I’ve already gotten compliments by using the knots you demonstrated. Anxious for daughter’s hair to grow! (Pardon my typing, NAK.)
    Could you show us how to use rag curls & what to use? My hair doesn’t hold curl unless it’s been wet curled overnight.
    Thanks again for your site of easy, amazing styles! (Love the Daddy-do’s. Hubby’s still working on the simple braid. lol)

  5. I’ve noticed and maybe it’s me but your girls always have a smile on their face. ALL your children are adorable.

    Some of these I might try. some might not go over to well on an ‘older’ persons hair (mine) due to it looking more like something for a small child, but since I still have the mind of a child it might work…LOL

  6. Man! This is so awesome! I am 12 yrs old and when I do my hair with a curling iron on the barrel part makes it look horrible. But this makes it look MUCH better, and is actually pretty quick for when I want something different (my hair is normally pretty straight).

  7. Beach curls can also be achieved with a bit of hair wax on some damp hair. Just creating curls and crimps with your fingers does the trick. Though if you have fine or very straight hair, you’ll definitely need the iron!

  8. I just discovered your blog and I think it’s amazing! I’m really going to convince my mom of doing my hair sometime soon. I’m 20 years old right now but I’m really bad at doing my own hair haha. You’ve got lovely children by the way, all so pretty. Keep up the good work! 😀

  9. That’s cute! I’ll try it although my daughters hair won’t hold a curl for anything! I can use the strongest setting lotions, hottest iron’s, hairspray…nothing! My other daughter has naturally curly hair though. I guess I get he best of both worlds!

  10. HAHA! my hair dose this on it’s own and I use to HATE it cause it NEVER looked the way I wanted it to! and NOW it’s a style people spend hours trying to achieve and lucky for me both of my girls got my hair!

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