7 Easy Valentine’s Day Hairstyles

With tomorrow being Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to send your daughter off to school with a super cute heart hairstyle!

Most of these styles can be done in only a few minutes!  If you like any {or all} of them, please feel free to “Share” them on Facebook or your blogs, “Tweet” them on Twitter, “Pin” them on Pinterest, etc!

As moms on a mission… let’s see how many heart hairstyles we can get out tomorrow!  Are you with me???

Double Heart Twists | Valentine's Day HairstylesHanging Heart | Valentine's Day HairstylesLace Braid Heart | Valentine's Day Hairstyles

Flip Braided Heart | Valentine's Day HairstylesXO {Hug & Kiss} | Valentine's Day HairstylesHeart Pigtails {Luv Piggies} | Valentine's Day HairstylesHoliday Hairstyles | Bobby Pin Ribbons

You can view each heart hairstyle by visiting our Valentine’s Day Hairstyles category, or view our YouTube playlist of tutorials below!

Each style takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. I love the two most recent Valentine’s Day hairstyles, the lace heart braid style and the heart ponytail. I have tried the lace heart hairstyle for Valentine’s Day this year and last year. Thank you for sharing hairstyles with your followers.

  2. So weird to see how long ago this was! I think this was the first video I ever watched and I’ve loved you guys ever since then! I remember myself alking my mom to try a heirstyle almost everyday, and most of the times it didn’t even look good but I still loved it because it was one of your hairstyles haha ♥
    I also almost sent you a letter a few years ago but then I lost it and never found it again 🙁 Good luck in the future! ♥ Shanna

  3. hoi mindy kan ik een cd met al je kapsel die je voor kinderen met lang haar voor me op een cd doen want ik wilsoms mijn zieke kind zijn haar ook kammen ik hoop dat je dit over hebt voor een heel ziek kind.

  4. Hi, I’m from Venezuela and I just love all your hairstyles. I follow your work since two years ago, I guess. I was wondering how do you call that red tool you used when you made de double heart twist? I would love to have one of those. Thanks a lot.

  5. I made the lace braid heart for my 7 year old and it was a huge hit! Only took a few minutes, and I even saw other moms trying to sneak photos of it so they could try it at home!

  6. I did the lace braid heart on my four-year-old girl. She was the talk of the elementary school during drop off and pick up. Thank you for making her day!

  7. Thank you so much for the inspiration for my daughters (3 Years-old) valenintines day hair, I used a combination of the Lace Heart Braid and Hanging Heart and she got so many compliments. French Braids are the only way I can keep my daughters hair out of her face (pony tails and pig tails tear up her hear and fall out with in a matter of minutes). I was getting bored doing the same style over and over again, your site has really helped me have fun doing her hair. My daughter looks foward to me doing her hair and loves that her hair is out of face… I love that she looks so cute even after a whole day at daycare.

  8. Hi Mindy, I did two hearts in my 6yo’s hair and when she came home from school she was so excited to tell me that at the morning assembly the assistant principal invited her up in front of the whole school to show off her hair and then gave her a holiday pencil! Thank you for helping to make her day 🙂

  9. Mindy,

    Wanted to share that my daughter and I have been looking fwd to a Valentine do for months after trying the ponytail twist hearts before Christmas. today she picked out the braided flip heart—I though it might be beyond my ability and her patience, but, as always, your tute was clear and easy to follow. The result was great and she got lots of compliments today. We try a new style weekly and sometimes more–she thinks, at 3.5 yrs, that it is fun to “watch TV” in the morning, and I have the satisfaction of sending a tidy-haired child out the door—even if only occasionally. She used to abhor the hair brush but now its our special time together. Thanks and keep em’ coming!

  10. I remember finding your site right after Valentine’s Day last year and thinking I would have to remember the heart hair do’s. I’ve gone to your site so many times over the past year, but honestly forgot about the Valentine’s day specials. Thanks for thinking of posting these! I did the lace braid heart this morning for the first time and it only took 5-10 min after watching the video once. Your new studio and new videos are so helpful. You just keep getting better all the time!

  11. Thank you so much Mindy! I am doing your lace braid heart on my (older) sister tomorrow, and I myself will be modeling the hanging heart! Before I came t know your website, all i could do were ponies+braids. Now I am very wanted at sleepovers, and can use some of these on my own short hair (which I’ve been trying to grow out).

    Thanks again!


    1. Sorry… not sure why it didn’t work. Somehow the link had an iframe built into it. At any rate, the link works now. Enjoy!

  12. hi Mindy! i love your blog/website. love the hairstyles your doing.btw, can i ask, since i’m new in blogging too and have my own blogsite too, how do you make ur signature appear on every posts you make? i want to put my own signature too in every posts i make. hope to hear from you. thanks!

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