Star Twists | 4th of July Hairstyle

I had promised a few 4th of July hairstyles, but I just have not had as much time as I need to get them filmed. I did get this one on today.

Back view of the Star Twists Back

Portrait of young girl modeling Star twist

Many of you will recognize the base hairstyle as one featured on Good Things Utah in June. The base hairstyle is called Holiday Twists, but the variation I demonstrate below uses about 1/3 of each ponytail to draw the lines of a star on top of the head.

4th of July Hairstyles

Items Needed: Rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 10 hairbands, pomade, ribbon or pipe cleaners (if desired as accents).

Time Requirement: 10-15 minutes

Skill Level: Hard

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. Hey Cute Girls Hairstyles! Can you do the hairstyle of Lucy in the film called ‘Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’ in Cute Girls Hairstyles on CGH 3.Please.

  2. Hi my name is Zalie. I’m 13 years old and live in Australia. I absolutely love your videos and watch them all the time. My mums not very good at hair though and its especially hard because my hair is extremely thick and curly. I love your daughters hair its so beautiful. What is that jell stuff that you were putting on your daughters hair? I don’t know whether we don’t have it in Australia or I just haven’t seen it. Thank you so much for yor inspiring videos.

    1. It’s a product called “Pomade”. I’m sure you’d be able to find it in Australia somewhere. Otherwise, let be your friend.
      If you’re asking about the exact brand… maybe Garnier Fructis?

      Good luck!

  3. You do such a great job on all of your hairstyles Mindy. I have a little sisiter and all of the hairstles that i do on her, come from your web site. I am on here almost every day and my mom cant stand it. however she cant be mad when my little sister has her hair looking good. Do you have any hairstyles for keeping your hair back, but looking cute when you go swimming? Thanks for all of our help. Keep doing these styles because they have really inspired me.

  4. Thank you so much for the adorable hairstyle! I have a question. Can you do this on thick hair that is a little more then shoulder length ?
    I am SOOOOO doing this on my sisters for the 4th of july! either that or the fireworks messy bun!
    Thank you Mindy!!!!!!!!!

  5. i do this for crazy hair day! except i do only the buns. i didnt do it on the 4 of july because im mexican but if i were from the united states i would wear it.
    thank you for posting this!

  6. Hi. Love your hairstyles! What shampoo/conditioner/products do you use in the child’s hair? It always looks shiny and soft!!!! I really want my hair to be healthy looking! Tips????? 🙂

  7. can u post more videos on hairstyles that will stay in when u swim.i am on a swim team and my ponytails always fall out or get messy when i swim.i have long hair so i do not like it to get in my face while i swim. thanks :]

  8. hi,i liked this hairstyle i couldn’t do it to my self,i like this blog so much awesome hairstyles, i also knew from you tube you have twins that they are 11 years old and i am the same age and i wanted to be a friend can i


  9. I can’t wait for my mom to try this!!! My mom says that she will try to do it but she probly can’t she said.I think it is very cool and can’t wait for the fourth of July now.Are you mormons?
    What is that stuff that you put in her hair and where can you find it?

  10. As thin as you say her hair is, it really isn’t. Just in comparison to your kid’s amazingly thick hair. But this is an adorable hairdo. Abbie loved having me do it on her even though her VERY thin hair didn’t look quite the same. I need to focus on your hairdos that make her hair look thicker 🙂

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