The Knotted Headband | Back-to-School Hairstyles

I always appreciate when our fans email links or photos of hairstyles I have not seen previously.

This knotted headband style was emailed to us by a fan from St. Petersburg, Russia and we really loved the look of it!

Top view of The Knotted Braid Headband | Braided Hairstyles

It looks complex, but if you know how to do the first step of tying your shoelaces, then you can certainly do this braid! The pattern to the braid is essentially overlaying loose square knots.

  1. I started with the hair wet, and used a little pomade to control the flyways.
  2. You then take as small section next to the part, and divide it in two, and interlace them just like the first step of tying your shoe. I then did this two more times, each time adding the top strands to an alligator clip.
  3. After creating your third set of strands, bring the first two strands under the next two, and interlace them again just like the first step of tying your shoe.
  4. Repeat these steps until the braided headband has the look you want.
  5. Secure the end with a bobby pin and spritz with hairspray as desired.
  6. When the hair dries, the loops of the knots spread out a little and look absolutely gorgeous!

This braid is perfect for any formal occasion, or for dancers, cheerleaders, or simply wearing around town! It can also be worn in any number of combinations for a super cute and unique hairstyle!

Top side view of The Knotted Braid Headband | Cute Hairstyles

Top view of The Knotted Braid Headband | Back-to-School Hairstyles

The knotted headband is also great for women of any age!  We have worn it on my CGH#4 {fourth daughter with short hair}, and I have done this braid on myself as well!

I guarantee you will certainly receive lots of compliments on this hairstyle!  Enjoy!

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, pomade, 1 small hair elastic, 1-2 bobby pins, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 5-10 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. I tried this on myself but I think this one kind of hard to do without help. Plus I am really not good when it comes to braiding headbands

  2. Hi Mindy I absolutely love your hairstyles but some I cant do on myself it would be great if u could do some hairstyles on you it would be great if you could thanks keep more hairstyles coming. So Cute hairstyle


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  3. Hi Mindy I absolutely love your hairstyles but some I cant do on myself it would be great if u could do some hairstyles on you it would be great if you could thanks keep more hairstyles coming

  4. CGH! First of all, I wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE all of your styles and videos. You are very clear on things and I really appreciate that. I LOVE doing hair but unfortunately, my 5 sisters I have have super super thin hair and normally doesn’t end up looking right. I wanted to try some stuff on my hair but there isn’t I lot I can do on myself. Would it be possible to make a section for styles to do on yourself? Thanks!

  5. HI Mindy!! m a really big fan!! I wished my mom was as good as you!! So I have to do all my hairstyles, but i was wondering If you could start posting back to school hairstyles?? Please!:0

  6. I and my daughters have extremely long hair. Beaula’s is past her knees, Haddasah’s is to her waist (kinky, tight, frustratingly curly), and mine is to the middle of my thighs. Needless to say, we are always looking for fresh new styles. You, my dear, have become my favoritesteders person. Have already sub’d to YT.

  7. I’d love to know what you use on your hair and your children. I have a 3 year old little girl, and a 1 year old little boy, and I’m starting to wonder if it is time to move on from Johnson’s head to toe…at least with my daughter.


    1. Hi Amanda! Thanks for your comment! We did post our hair care routine last year, simply search “Hair Care” in the search box of this website. It should pull right up! If not, you can also find the same video on our YouTube channel by searching the same terms. Thanks so much for commenting!

  8. I would like to see a hair care tutorial, because my hair is kind of hard to manage and i would like to see how you and ur kids keep your hair so beautiful.

  9. I would love to see both, like what’s ur favorite product lately and on how to care for ur hair:) thanks for all ur videos they are awesome and I use a lot of them on my 7year old daughter

  10. I loved the look of this one SO much that I instantly tried it out. I LOVE IT! It’s such a unique look and is perfect for keeping my hair back in yoga! Thanks for putting up such wonderful tutorials, I’m a fan for sure! I’ll be doing the ladder braid tomorrow!

  11. WOW!!! I wore this to school the other day for my birthday, everyone was like “How did you do that, its so amazing!!!”. This is one of my fav hairstyles. You’re very talented Mindy!!!

  12. Hi. You usually mention using pomade on hair. I am from Australia and have never heard of pomade, so I looked on eBay. I found murrays pomade, but am wondering which is better, the light version or the original superior? My daughter does have thin straight hair, but she has a lot of hair. Thanks.

  13. You and your daughters have amazing hair and it looks really easy to work with so i would like to see the haircare videos!!!!!!!!

  14. Thank you so much for tutorial. I read it first and got a headache. My two daughters will love this braid!!!!!! Keep it up.

  15. Thanks so much for sharing! As a Zumba instructor, I am constantly looking for fun ways to have my longer bangs and short hair pulled back- I mean, after a while a pony tail everyday just makes you feel like a bore. Thanks for sharing your talents and taking the time to put a video tutorial together for people like me who need to SEE how it’s done!

  16. Thank you for this! I am not a “hair person” but this looks like something even I can do! Cannot wait to try it on my daughter!

  17. Mindy, I love the subway vinyl in the background….did you make this? or buy it!? I want something similar for our home! Love it! Also, my 3 girls love the knotted headband! :0)

  18. i love cute girl hairstyle, if i saw that hairstyle on street i would think: wow that must be hard to do. but after seeing this video its easy 🙂

  19. I love this hair style!!!!!! My mom is going to try it on my hair today, maybe it will look as cute as yours. Thanks for your videos, we really enjoy them.

  20. I love this hairstyle!!! All the girls at my school are always telling me that I should try different hairstyles, so this website really helps! Thanks so much!!!

  21. The hairstyle is lovely but all I couldn’t help but be a bit shocked at all the orders issued without a single ‘please’. Nothing like a bit of basic manners.

    1. Ummm. This is a “how to” video. I am not sure why she should be asking you in a permissive way to take a piece of hair and do whatever the next step is. It’s AMAZING that she does this and this is out there for all of us to watch for free. We should be the ones saying please and thank you! Please keep doing what you are doing Mindy–you are freaking amazing!

  22. Does it work with curly hair? Also I have short bangs like 3 and a half inches long will that work? I tried to do it on my other side of my hair and it hurt when I tightened it. So yeah reply please keep it up Mindy!

  23. Love this hairstyle, how can I do this on my own hair because I have thick hair and i layers and bangs. I tried to do this and it kind of worked but everytime I try to try to do it, it just gets loose and then it just falls out? Please help me and by the way your daughter is absolutely beautiful!!!! Thank you so much 🙂

  24. Love the hair style! I always love new ideas or my girls & mee too! I want to see a tutorial on your hair style in the video! It’s darling!! I want to see more of ideas on what to do with “mom’s hair”!!

  25. I have 3 girls’ and they all have very thick hair. So when I do their hair it really tends to get in the way. So I was wondering where I could find those alligator clips that you used in the video. Please help me. Thanks so much.

  26. Loved the video! I am great at braiding but have 2 daughters that really want something different now… this is great and seems relatively easy. Thanks for your tutorial. I’d love to see more of them!

  27. Just finished watching this with my 10yr. old daughter and we may be able to do it :). I have 4 girls and would absolutely love to hear your thoughts on hair care and maintenance…their ages range from 2 – 12…we have lots going on in the hair department and would appreciate any advice, thanks!

  28. Loved your tutorial. Can wait to try it on my grand daughters. I prefer tutorials to product favorites. Products are personal and subjective to the many many differences in budget, hair type and hair color. The tutorials, however, cross all those lines and help us all!

  29. Thank you so much for your tutorials! I have 1 girl and 3 boys so I have to get all my “girl fun” in while she still let’s me. She has always hated getting her hair done because of her beautiful natural curls but now due to your great tutorials and watching someone else having it done without complaint and also the final product we both get to enjoy hair dos again.
    Thankful mom

  30. Are you kidding me?! That hair braid is fantastic!! And your daughter is B-E-A-UTI-FUL!! Just found you girlies tonight. Can’t wait for next installment. Open that door and let you lil’ girl join the party, cause she is missing out!! (I am almost tempted to wake my little angel so I can try this braid out on her now!)

  31. Are you kidding me?! That hair braid is fantastic!! And your daughter is B-E-A-UTI-FUL!! Just found you girlies tonight. Can’t wait for next installment. Open that door and let you lil’ girl join the party, cause she is missing out!! (I am almost tempted to walk my little angel so I can try this braid out on her now!)

  32. I tried to do this today after watching the tutorial. Couldn’t do it, at least not without a third or fourth hand… That’s ok though, I adapted it and was able to come up with a new braid, even if it wasn’t this one!

  33. OMG!! i love that hair style its so beatiful!
    at first i didn’t know how to make it then i watched it like 5 times then i knew hoe to make it
    thanks 😀

  34. I love your video! I have three girls and I am always looking for new braids and hairstyles. I would to see you do both videos.

  35. Hair care!!! I love so many of your hairstyles. I wasn’t able to french braid the first time I watched a video with your help I have learned more braids than I knew about. Thank you so much!

  36. I just love the tutorials, please keep them coming. My daughter has wavy hair. I have to keep it shoulder length because it gets very knotted. Any suggestions from keeping it knot free. Thanks

  37. This is no doubt amazing, but there are some hairstyles which are tough to do on our selfs, I would be thankful to you if show doing the tough ones on your hair. Thanks :).

  38. I would love to know how you care for their hair. My 9yr loves to do new styles,being very blonde and past her hips sometimes her bottom. It is hard to keep it from breaking.

  39. Both!! 🙂 haha only if you can do both…you’re daughter’s and yourself have beautiful hair. So, if you can’t do both, i would say hair care please!! 🙂

  40. Hair care! And also I saw your hair at the end of it. Is that a braid or what is that? And also could you do a tutorial on that? It looked really pretty! Thanks! 🙂

  41. Haircare !!! Wonderful site. How I wish you were doing this when my 33 year-old daughter was young.

    Any easy suggestions for fairly short hair?

  42. Hi Mindy, I’m still having some trouble with doing this hairstyle on myself (because my hair is so slick) and I would like a haircare video. Thank You!

  43. My girls and I love this! Doing my girls hair has never come naturally to me, I usually just do basic things. But I can do this! It doesn’t look quite as good as yours,yet, but I will keep practicing! Thanks for sharing your talent!

  44. I would love a haircare tutorial as my daughter and I have fine hair lie your daughter’s in the video and I would love to know what kind of products you recomend to keep it healthy and strong.

  45. We would love to how you care for your hair and your girls. Every one of them has gorgeous, healthy hair!

  46. I did the knotted headband on my four year old today and I loved it. It looked so cute and I could actually do it. Thank you so much.

  47. The headband was really cool. My oldest has curly hair, but the top layer is straight so I think this style would be a great way to show off her curls

  48. Love your page! I would love to see a haircare tutorial as your girls look like they have well cared for hair x

  49. I would love a hair care tutorial! I also do atleast 4 of your styles a week and I get tons of compliments. However my daughter just began to cheer and I was wondering if you have any updo’s that are different then the ones already posted? I have fun with the ones so far but I would like to try something new. She also has to wear a big hairbow for cheering. Thx so much for this website, WE LOVE IT!!!

  50. I would love to see a hair care tutorial for adult hair and little girl hair. Can’t wait to see what you decide.

  51. Both. 😀 I’d be really interested in products that help to strengthen hair. I have 2 girls and I’m always fixing their hair. I try to do hairstyles that don’t use elastics close to the scalp because it breaks their hair then creates lots of flyaways. But I also try to use hairstyles that will stay for a couple days because I can’t always get to it everyday, and they don’t like having it fixed everyday. With so many flyaways the hairstyles don’t last very long or look all fuzzy by the second day. Love this chain braid, btw. Going to try it out on Sunday for church.

  52. Hair care tutorial please!
    This is a wonderful hairdo, but I’d like to know if I could do this in curly hair… Please tell me!

  53. Love this! Will definitely be doing this on both my dd’s who have long hair. We love trying different styles. Haircare tutorial would be great.

  54. I would like to see both me and my oldest daughter phase natural curly hair so these hair styles have been great. My other daughter has a little bit of curl.

  55. I would really love both!! And if that’s not possible, why not have a fav hair product vid with a haircare tip every month, best of both worlds. Really love what you do, thanks!!

  56. Loved watching your video. I have three young girls and am very excided to try this tomorrow for school. I love any kind of braid and this new knot idea is amazing. Happy hairdo’s.

  57. omg! I watched this video and then tried it on my daughter, and was actually able to do it successfully! This is a big deal for me, since I usually can’t complete a braid without giving up and just throwing her hair up into a ponytail. THANK YOU!

  58. Haircare tutorial! PLEASE! My hair is thinning as I age (eeekkk….) but my daughter still has 4-yr-old thick hair. Haircare might help both of our heads! THANKS!

  59. I would really like to see both. My daughter has thick hair that knots really easy underneath. I have been doing your hair styles since Maggie was 3 or 4. We receive so many compliments. Thanks for making me look like an expert.

  60. I would love to see a hair care tutorial with a little about the products you use thrown in.

    This hairstyle is SO CUTE! I can’t wait to try it on my siblings and myself. Defiantly will be wearing this one for a while.

    Thank you for everything Mindy!

  61. That’s really interesting and creative , you should do hair are because in Australia we don’t have the same hair products and I’m have long and hard to handle hair thanks !!

  62. Greetings from Ireland!
    I’m a big fan of your website and have been using your great hair designs since my daughter was 3.I can’t tell you how many compliments she has received for her(your’s really!) hair styles.
    She has really thick flyaway prone hair that starts out lovely at 8a.m. and looks like a banshee’s by 3p.m.! What styles do you particularly recommend for its “stay-in” ability?
    I would love to see both videos really

  63. I love this hair style, how does the pomade work? I haven’t played with that before. Part of me wants to see this knot continue over more of the head.

  64. hi Mindy!
    this is a nice hairstyle….but the moment i saw it i knew i’ve seen this one before.

    i learned this hairstyle from your friend hair blogger Kori at

    they called this hairstyle the “CHAIN LINK BRAID HEADBAND” posted March 12, 2012

    it has the same procedures. just to letting you know. the only difference i think is that you did the hair strands/knots much closer together than Kori’s. 🙂

  65. Amazing how many people wan a hair care tutorial.I would love one to.My hair is really pretty and thick but it gets frizzy and hard to control during the day.

  66. Mindy,
    I’m not trying to gain followers, get you to talk about how wonderful my blog is in videos, etc. I just thought you might enjoy my blog. It’s sort of like a beauty channel in a blog:
    Definitely do the hair care routine!!! L-O-V-E your videos!!!
    Also remember, I’m not trying to gain followers or anything, just though you might enjoy my blog. A great blog is almost as good as a good book!

  67. I love this! It looks so complicated- then you realise it’s actually pretty easy (you make it look that way, I haven’t tried it yet). Anyway, I’d really like to see hair care. I always wish my hair looked as shiny as your girls’ hair.

  68. i think tht it would be nice to do both cuz people are interested in your fav. products but the need help keeping there brittle hair polished it could be a 2 in 1 video like show how u use your fav. products and show how to use and how they help ur hair! hope i helped!

  69. Very unique, have not seen this one before, cannot wait to try it on my girlie. I would love to see hair care tutorials. ♥

  70. I would like to see hair care. I have blonde hair and it seems to get very oil and if I don’t wash it every morning it looks aweful.

  71. I tried this last week,it was beautiful, but had a hard time doing left over right! LOL would it work right over left??

    I’d love the hair care tutorial.

  72. I would like to know what it is like to undo this hairdo. I love it, but I just wonder about that.
    Hair care would be a nice video.

  73. I think i would be interested in both as well so whatever you decide i will be interested in… thank you so much for the way fun hair ideas!!! I just love them 🙂

  74. Mindy, What did you do in your hair for this video? It was really cute?
    I would be interesting in both videos too. They are both something that I am interested in!:)

  75. Products for sure, but a bit about care thrown in here and there wouldn’t hurt either! You are amazing, thank you for sharing your gift! 🙂

  76. Hair care!!! Please one of my daughter has very thick dry hair and my other daughter has extremely fine hair but lots of it. So I would love to see what you do to keep their hair healthy.

  77. Would love to see products of the month. Thank u so much for all the tutorials..before u I was all ponytails and I have the best styles to do on my 10 year old daughter. Great website.

  78. I would love a hair care tutorial. That would be fantastic! Thank you for another wonderful hair style! I can’t wait to try it on my girls.

  79. I would really like to see a hair care video my DD has really fine hair with lots of fly-aways and it is hard to make hairstyles look sleek and polished, thanks

  80. Hair care tutorials would be cgreat to see, and maybe you can throw in some of your fave products while you do that? 🙂

  81. Mindy, I love all your hairstyles and would love to see your favorites! Thank you so much for sharing your talents!!

  82. Hair tutorial – I loved watching you demonstrate – seems less intimidating after seeing vs. reading the directions.

  83. First one to comment! Yeah! Anyway, doesn’t knotting your hair a bunch of times hurt it and is it easy to get it out?

  84. Beautiful Hair style as always. Cant wait to try this on my daughter for school this week. I would love to see some hair care tutorials.

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