Delicious Dip

Today we’re sharing 3 recipes for 3 dips made with 3 ingredients or less!

(Your party guests are going to LOVE you!)Delicious Dips | CGH LifestyleAppetizers and party treats are some of my very favorite foods to make and eat. Not only are these delicious dips super tasty, they are also super simple to put together! Here is a quick video I made for Millennial Moms on You Tube that shows how simple it is to prepare these delicious dips for your next party or get together – take a look:

It’s like a dip trifecta! Which one are you most excited to make?

Do you have a simple dip recipe your family loves? I’d love to hear about it – leave me a comment in the section below!


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  1. This is making me hungryyyy! Can’t wait to try this delicious and healthy dip! It is really hard for me to enjoy something like vegetables and fruit without something to dip it in and I just found the perfect dip!

  2. My favorite dip would have to be the Chilli Creme Cheese dip, which I will have to try out!!????

  3. I have made the fruit dip, but have never used powdered sugar in it. I just use the marshmallow fluff and cream cheese.

  4. The marshmallow dip looks so good to me! It would also be good to dip graham crackers into it, but I like the fruit for a healthier option!

  5. The chilli one looks delicious… we have one that we always have for christmas (it’s a tradition) I can’t remember all the ingredients but it has poblano peppers and cream cheese… it’s creamy delicious and spicy

  6. I tried one of these at a party years ago and it was so good! I’ve been looking for a good recipe for it!

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