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What’s My Secret?

Women sitting in the bathroom holding a shampoo bottle and a conditioner

I’m constantly asked, “what’s your hair care routine?” or ” what’s your secret?” Ask and you shall receive! It all starts with knowing your hair type. You can’t show love to your hair if you don’t know it’s “love language.” My go-to products? You guessed it – Hairitage! My favorite thing about Hairitage is that it’s inclusive for every hair type. I love that I can complete my entire routine, and my family’s, from start to finish using only Hairitage!

Image of hair types.
Type 1A is extremely straight, with no wave naturally at all, while a type 4C it the tightest, coily curls that you can have!

My Wash Routine

Haircare products sitting on the bathroom counter (left to right) shampoo, conditioner, apple cider vinegar hair rinse, and hair mask
Ideal hair care routine for 2A-4A hair types

I absolutely love using Hairitage’s Outta My Hair to start off my routine! This gentle daily shampoo has a unique blend of potent ingredients that cleanses hair of impurities and excess oils without stripping it. If you’re like me, you may not shampoo every day. If that’s the case, This is the shampoo for you and make sure to rinse and repeat to really get that build-up out & achieve a deep clean! 

Back view of a woman holding her hair while washing her hair full of suds with both hands.

Water dilutes Conditioner, so before moving on, I like to ring out all of the water from my hair. Hairitage has multiple conditioners, but my absolute ride or die is the S.O.S Deep Moisture and Restore Conditioner! Not only is this product curly-hair certified but it’s unique ingredients, like Marshmallow Extract, help remove tangles and knots while rejuvenating weak and damaged hair strands. After applying the conditioner, I pin up my hair while I shave my legs to let the moisture really sink in! 

I like to get ahead of the frizz so after I get out of the shower, I apply the Strength Training Leave-in Conditioner before styling my hair. This pudding adds hydration and protects my hair from heat. The important thing to remember is that the hydration needs to be sealed! I like to do this with my Argan Oil, called Take your Vitamins. The name says it all, the Take Your Vitamins Aragan Oil is packed with vitamins A, D, and E, and it’s sure to lock in moisture and add shine to your hair.

Time to Style!

Moving on to my hairstyling routine. To give my hair lots of volume and body, I like to alternate the curling pattern per hair strand! I also spray my hair with a bit of hairspray to give it a little extra hold as I’m going through and adding curls with my hot tools. The Wiggle Room Flexible Hold Hairspray is great for defining curls, minimizing frizz and smoothing flyaway hair.

One of my favorite tips that I always recommend to people with similar hair types to me: use dry shampoo, even on day 1 of having just washed your hair! This helps absorb oils on your scalp for the next few days, as you’re in between washes. It also gives the hair a really nice grit, and a whole lot more body and volume!

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  1. My hair type is 2c with a few 3a strands. I shampoo like you do, but I should make sure I try to squeeze all the water out before I condition. I will also try to finger comb and comb the conditioner in. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Squeezing out the water really helps the conditioner soak into the hair strands! Let me know what you think after adding that to your hair routine 🙂 xo, Mindy

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